Welcoming New Visitors with Redemption Church: Coaching Edition #022

Welcome to another session of the Pro Church Podcast: Coaching Edition. In this podcast I'm going to be speaking live with a church and you’ll get to sit in on our coaching session together. Nothing is off limits and everything is recorded.

November 16th, 2017

Redemption Church is a mobile church run out of a middle school in Oklahoma. This being the case, they have a lot of new visitors, but their team is concerned that they don’t have a great infrastructure in place when it comes to guests. Brady sits down with their communications team to put a plan in place.

Meet The Church Being Coached

  • Church Name: Redemption Church OKC
  • Church Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Church Age: 3 years
  • Church Size: 250 – 350
  • On the coaching call: Heidi Clarke – Communications Director, Chris Clarke – Worship & Arts Pastor

Show Notes & Resources Mentioned

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. Balance the line between quality and quantity. With connection cards if you ask for too much information you’ll receive less responses, but at the same time you want to collect enough information for it to be helpful for your team. You’ll need to balance the line between asking too much and not enough so that people will fill out the card and hand it in.
    2. Incentivize. Any healthy relationship needs to be reciprocal so when a new visitor attends your church they’ve already given so much. They’ve given their time and stepped out of their comfort zone. To then ask them to give their personal information – it can come across like a big ask. By giving something in return for them filling out a connect card you help even out the give and take of the relationship.
    3. Be genuine. Incentives and connect cards can come across as gimmicky, so find ways to communicate them authentically. Tie them into who you are as a church. Give an incentive that means something and is valuable. Show your visitors that they matter.

The Full Transcript