Service Video & Photography with Charlotte Assembly of God: Coaching Edition #016

Welcome to another session of the Pro Church Podcast: Coaching Edition. In this podcast I'm going to be speaking live with a church and you’ll get to sit in on our coaching session together. Nothing is off limits and everything is recorded.

October 5th, 2017

Charlotte Assembly of God is struggling with finding balance with their in service video and photography. If they capture the screen correctly, the exposure of their pastor is incorrect and vice versa. Brady sits down with a couple members from their team to discuss potential fixes.

Meet The Church Being Coached

  • Church Name: Charlotte Assembly of God
  • Church Location: Charlotte, Michigan
  • Church Age: 70 years
  • Church Size: 400 – 600
  • On the coaching call: Cassie Kurtz – Administrative Assistant/Communications, Olivia – Social Media/Photography

Show Notes & Resources Mentioned

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. Double check that you’re shooting in manual mode. Some exposure issues can be solved by turning off the auto settings and learning how to correctly use the manual settings on your camera.
    2. Make time for a run through. A run through will happen before your service and will be where you go through your service as though it’s actually happening. This will allow your whole team, but especially your tech team, to work through any glitches that might come up. It also ensures that everyone knows exactly when everything is happening, which can help create smoother transitions.
    3. Use photos of people’s faces on your social media. Instead of defaulting to graphics or pictures of hands being raised, try using pictures where you can clearly see individual faces. People connect with people, and seeing the face of someone the recognize from church will help grab attention.

The Full Transcript