6 Positive Church Branding Trends That Deserve Your Attention

There’s a group of church branding trends that are emerging right now and they absolutely deserve your attention. Churches around the world are beginning to embrace these ideas, and every one of our churches can learn from at least one of them. So in this video, we’ll show you real examples of each of these trends and breakdown how they may be applicable to you.

Re-Branding Brands To Your Church Brand, Letting Go of Vimeo & Over Posting

On this 53rd episode of the #AskBrady show we discuss the ramifications of rebranding outside brands to fit your church.

Rebranding with Northwest Assembly of God

Northwest Assembly Of God is the perfect example of a prototypical church. The church averages about 200 in attendance, their website homepage has a giant slider on it, and their domain name is a five-letter acronym. The great news is that they’ve got a young and talented leader on staff named Christian Lamb, and he’s ready to lead the church through a rebrand. I sit down with Christian and together we create a gameplan for his ambitious rebranding project.

Facebook Events vs Facebook Pages, Rebranding & Changing Giving Platforms

Brady talks about the difference between Facebook events and Facebook pages and which your church should focus on and use.

Old Fashioned Pastors, Consistent Church Branding & Being Camera Shy

Brady answers a question on creating church branding throughout your church, why this is important, and some of the issues that might come up with other team members.

The New Rules For Church Branding with Justin Keller

Justin Keller, brand strategist and consultant at CircleFifty.com, the home of Brilliant Brands, inspires churches to create their best and truest self in this session of the Pro Church Podcast.

The 3 Branding Questions Your Church Needs To Answer with Dawn Nicole Baldwin

Dawn Nicole Baldwin helped start a brand strategy company called AspireOne that helps ministries reach people more effectively with branding. She was formerly on staff at Veggie Tales, helping with their brand, and also worked at Willow Creek Church in visual communications. She brings her experience and expertise to share how branding can actively help your church reach people with the core truth that marketing is just reaching people with intentionality.

The Best 11 Church Logos Of 2019

Your church’s logo is the foundation of your visual identity. And with the prominence of digital platforms, your church logo is now more visible than ever before. So to get you inspired, I want to share with you eleven of my favorite church logos – along with seven rules for logo design to help put you on the right path toward better church branding.

5 NEW & INNOVATIVE Social Media Templates For Churches In 2019

Social media has completely changed in the last couple of years. And traditional tactics like consistent branding and promotional posts don’t work like they used to. So…you might be wondering: what DOES work on social media? In this podcast, I’ll be revealing five social media templates that are completely new & innovative – and unlike anything you’ve probably seen churches post on social media before.

7 Indispensable Photography Tools For Churches

Real photos of real people at your church are incredibly important when it comes to branding on your website and social media. Alex discusses his recommendations when it comes to gear.