Church Video Announcements VS. Live [What’s Best For YOUR Church?]

Today, you’re going to learn what option is best for your church when it comes to announcements – video or live? There are pros and cons to each of course, but my final answer on this may surprise you. So let’s dive right in.

The 50% Rule For Church Announcements

Churches often struggle with having too many announcements, but being unsure about which ones to cut while keeping the peace. Brady shares his 50% rule that allows you to limit announcements without favouritism.


Today you’re going to learn The 2-Part Church Announcements Formula. Follow this formula and you’ll see your congregation pay more attention during your announcements. Even better…this formula will lead to more next steps taking place in your church each week.

5 Video Editing Tips For Your Church’s Video Announcements

You do not have to be a trained video editor to edit your church’s video announcements. Here are the only five video editing tips you need to know.

Intro Videos, Small Groups For Sermons & iPhone Video Announcements

On this 34th episode of the #AskBrady show we discuss church intro videos, how often they should be recorded, and if it’s a good place for a testimony.

The 5 Best Practices For Delivering Memorable Church Announcements

Delivering church announcements is easier said than done. Here are the five best practices for delivering memorable church announcements you need to know.

What Is The Perfect Length For Video Announcements?

Video announcements can quickly turn into a hot mess when they’re too long. Here are 4 steps you can take to write the perfect length for your video announcements.

5 Lessons I Learned After Recording 30,000 Video Announcements

When it comes to your church’s video announcements, your host is by far the most important element. Here are 5 ways you can become a better host.

Being Paid vs Volunteering, Leading Small Groups & Video/Live Announcements

The #AskBrady Show is a weekly Q&A show answering questions submitted by members of Pro Church Nation. New episodes drop every Friday.

Pro Tips For Scripting Church Announcements with Adam McLaughlin

Adam is a Canadian who currently lives in Fort Myers, Florida where he is in charge of marketing and communications at Life Church. The author of two books, he joins us to talk about church announcements.