5 Productivity Pro Tips For Pastors with Casey Cease (PCP194)

Balancing multiple jobs can make it difficult to feel like your ministry is reaching it’s full potential. Casey shares his tips on making the most of your productivity.

December 21st, 2017

Casey is an author, pastor and speaker. He is also the founder of Lucid Books. He joins us to share his productivity tips as a bi-vocational pastor

What’s In This Session?

    • The rise in prominence of bi-vocational lead pastors (6:00)
    • Productivity tips from a busy bi-vocational leader (11:37)
    • Tip #1: Powerful Exercise: Determining your hourly rate and then putting a dollar amount on each of your weekly tasks (12:37)
    • Tip #2: Transitioning to a digital calendar to instantly save time (22:30)
    • Tip #3: Long term vs. Short term productivity formula (25:22)
    • Tip #4: Turning off mobile device notifications (29:15)
    • Tip #5: Locking in on the perfect productivity tool for you and your team (32:09)

Show Notes & Resources Mentioned

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. Take a week and track your tasks. Write down every task and how long each one takes you. This will help you see how you are spending your time, and where can cut out or better prioritize your tasks.
    2. Pass off low level tasks. Even though these tasks are important, if they are filling up too much of your time and keeping you from tasks that only you can do, then delegate these tasks. Prioritize your tasks and pass on the things that can be accomplished by someone else.
    3. Turn off notifications on your phone. Constantly receiving notifications places you in a reactive position, where you’re constantly ‘just texting’ or ‘just replying.’ Instead turn off your notifications and plan to check your email or social media at a set time for a designated amount of time. This puts you in control of how much time and attention each platform is absorbing.

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