What's in this session?

  • What Brady was like as a child (7:41)
  • Why Brady decided to attend Bible College (15:34)
  • How Pro Church Tools began (19:14)
  • Learned vs. innate abilities (24:25)
  • God's role in the accomplishments of Pro Church Tools (28:03)
  • What's next for Pro Church Tools? (33:08)
  • How Brady stays so productive (38:22)
  • Rapid Fire Fun Questions (50:40)

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. Hustle hard and know what your talents are. When it comes to success, a willingness to work hard; to try and fail and try again is imperative, but so is knowing where your innate skills and talents lie. Know your lane, and run in it.
    2. Go where the puck is going. Being a visionary means looking ahead. Like in hockey. It means not aiming for where the puck is presently, but instead anticipating where it will be. The same for church leaders – look ahead and anticipate where the church will need to be in a couple years. Aim for that.
    3. Failure is the way forward. If you have audacious goals; if you want to be the best of the best, then you must expect roadblocks. Achieving the extraordinary is no simple task. Failure and roadblocks are a requirement. They are how you learn to be a success.

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