What's in this session?

  • Hosting pre-service and post-service segments with your live stream (9:44)
  • How to avoid diving into online church prematurely (14:17)
  • Deep dive into a a 15-minute pre-service segment (17:22)
  • The gear, software, and location needed to execute a great pre & post-service segment (22:27)
  • The necessary elements of a 15-minute post-service segment (36:26)

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. Online church is very similar to a physical church service. The way most churches are currently structured is very consumer driven. This means that the difference between watching from a pew, or watching online is pretty negligible. It’s important to intentionally create interactive moments and conversation specific to the medium you’re working with, whether online or in person.
    2. Your lifestream needs to be part of a bigger strategy. We do a disservice to our online community when we don’t put effort into our livestream beyond the live streaming part. How are you planning to follow up? What are the next steps you want your viewers to take? Don’t leave them stranded online.
    3. Lead with vulnerability. To really reach people you have to be willing to open up and give something of yourself. This opens the door for people to feel comfortable. It levels the playing field and allows your viewers to know that you are relatable – that you are just like them.

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