7 Shocking Church Giving Stats with Dean Sweetman (PCP161)

As an organization that relies on giving, churches worry about low giving periods. Dean talks about why the summer slump is actually a myth.

April 18th, 2017

Dean Sweetman, former pastor and church planter, understands as an insider about budget pressures on pastors. He came up with the idea of Tithe.ly to solve the giving problem. The app grew from an idea until today Tithe.ly services thousands of churches processing tens of millions in giving. Dean understands church giving like few others, and shares best practices and surprising stats.

What’s In This Session?

  • The humble beginnings of the original mobile giving app for churches (7:26)
  • The myth of the summer slump in church giving (12:45)
  • Digital giving trends by day of the week (18:04)
  • Digital giving by source trends (21:13)
  • How to implore your church to setup recurring giving (24:35)
  • The percentage benchmarks to aim for with recurring giving donors (27:30)
  • Pro tips for increasing giving (37:55)

Show Notes & Resources Mentioned

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. The summer giving slump is real unless you have a protocol to deal with it. It’s not unusual for churches to experience up to a 30% reduction in giving by mid July. Dean says to build a church culture around digital giving –- send push notifications to remind people that church is still continuing –- and you can avoid the slump.
    2. Being a Christian inherently calls for being generous. We give in every area of our lives as ambassadors of Christ, so giving money should be a natural. Educate your church in ways to give so that people can do it easily. Dean says a 13% recurring giving number is good –- while more is better.
    3. Is giving by app on a phone secure? Phone commerce is as secure as online banking. There are still lots of churches, though, that depend mostly on cash and checks. There are still churches that have a Paypal button on their website. Neither of these is as quick and annoyance-free as text giving. Switch to digital and watch it become a gamechanger for your church.