How To Be A Church Known For Something with Mark MacDonald (PCP160)

Trust is the foundation for productive communication. Mark shares how to become a church that is known for something, and why that’s important.

April 11th, 2017

Mark MacDonald of has a long history working in branding and communications. He’s just written a book called Be Known For Something to encourage churches to grow at the same rate as their general communities.

What’s In This Session?

  • The importance of being known for something (10:19)
  • Why every leader needs to be working at two different churches (18:40)
  • Allowing cultural norms to inform our communication paradigms (20:49)
  • Why trust is the source of successful communications (22:41)
  • How to be a church that is known for something (26:33)
  • The difference between “problem aware” and “product aware” (37:12)

Show Notes & Resources Mentioned

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. A business who loses track of the community they are trying to sell in is doomed to failure. Churches aren’t businesses, but the model is the same. There’s a trend for churches to become insular. Over time, the age of congregations starts to become a lot older than the community demographic. If you don’t keep up, you quickly become irrelevant.
    2. What should you be known for? How about, at the most practical level, being known for meeting the greatest need your community has. Every community has things that they wake up worried about. The church has answers in Christ. We can meet them where they’re at, and then pivot toward the spiritual.
    3. Your logo can be a visual reminder of what you’re known for. Once you have solidified what your place in the community is, and you drill down on how you are going to implement that, your logo can become the backup. When people see your logo, they will connect the image of it with your church’s heart.