What's in this session?

  • We’re living through the biggest communication shift in the past 500 years. Every industry worldwide is experiencing upheaval; churches aren’t immune (Netflix vs. Film Studios; Spotify vs. Record Labels; Uber vs. Transportation; Startups vs. Fortune 500; Cable TV vs. On-Demand) (10:04)
  • Every church’s mission statement can be distilled down to The Great Commission, The Greatest Commandments, or some combination of the two (24:43)
  • Attention is the most valuable commodity your church can possess (26:58)
  • Storytelling is the most powerful form of human communication and the only form of communication that forces our brains to focus (36:05)
  • Healthy communication requires both branding & direct response (42:23)

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. Almost all churches have similar mission statements. In an informal poll, Pro Church Tools found that most church vision statements revolve around the Great Commission or The Two Greatest Commandments. These Biblical foundations don’t and won’t change, but the way your church executes its mission is changing. Start thinking about the 167 hours you have outside your weekly service.
    2. Attention is your church’s most valuable commodity. You can’t execute your mission if nobody is paying attention. People’s attention spans are short. People are dividing their attention between a lot of things besides your message. Even during your message they tend to daydream and lose focus. How does your church leverage the most attention possible? Think about the 167 hours you have beyond your service.
    3. Storytelling is the most powerful form of human communication. Storytelling is the best way to keep people’s attention. Stories force our brains to pay attention. Jesus was a master storyteller, spending up to 35% of his time teaching through stories. You can share your church’s vision and get people’s attention through stories, as well. You can do this repeatedly through digital platforms during the 167 hours a week beyond your weekly service.

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