What's in this session?

  • #1 - Practice from stage and at home (prepare for distractions (8:10)
  • #2 - Be the most charismatic version of yourself (13:21)
  • #3 - Last minute reminders (18:15)
  • #4 - Connection over content (22:58)
  • #5 - Think through the transition (29:05)
  • #6 - Introduce yourself (36:40)
  • #7 - Don’t omit the mission (38:43)

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. Practice your announcement script and delivery both at home and at the venue. You need to have your copy cold before you step on stage. Master it at home before you deliver it. Then practice again at the venue, getting there early to do a sound check, finding your mark, and running through the timing for tech people to know their cues. Practicing at the venue also helps smooth the transition between your entrance and exit from the stage.
    2. Be the most charismatic version of yourself. Whether you are talking in front of a church of 50 or 500, it’s still a larger group than you are accustomed to talking to. Whatever energy you think you are projecting, double it. You need to be larger than life because your room is larger. When Ben says to be the most charismatic version of yourself, he doesn’t mean be someone else. Just be a more amped-up and engaging version of your regular self.
    3. Don’t omit the mission. The mission of your church should be mentioned sometime during the announcements. This connects the dots between the information you’re sharing and the reason you’re sharing it. It’s the why for the what.

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