What's in this session?

  • Finding the perfect URL when your .com domain is taken (11:48)
  • The most important information at the top of your website (15:20)
  • Writing the perfect headline for your website (18:03)
  • Keeping your navigation menu simple and clear (21:05)
  • 69% of NewSpring’s web visitors are visiting via mobile (24:40)
  • Building a beautiful sermon engine (31:05)
  • How to use data to make informed decisions (32:01)
  • Developing an app for your church’s existing audience (34:02)
  • Using two unique platforms for two unique audiences in your church (40:24)
  • Pro tips for church websites (43:50)

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. Recently, Jon and the team made the decision to gear the NewSpring website toward outsiders. They cut and prioritized and rearranged everything to line up with that vision. The goal of the website is unified, clear and simple – and that goal is echoed with a style that’s clear and spacious, clean and uncluttered.
    2. Jon shares a case study of how his team used data to make a site decision. There’s a main nav item on NewSpring’s site called Watch and Read which links to the church’s videos and written content. There was some insider concern about that particular label, so the team changed the label to Resources and watched their traffic metrics. Traffic to the page tanked (down 60%) so it was a clear indication to change the name of the page back to Watch and Read.
    3. 69% of visitors to the NewSpring website are mobile. NewSpring felt that this was enough data to warrant creating an app. While Brady is generally against churches creating apps, he appreciates Jon’s purposeful dedication of the app to the insiders, the church members, who want to access info from their phones. This leaves the website dedicated to the outsiders, or people new to the church.

Free Bonus: Click here to download The Perfect Church Homepage Infographic – a complete visual breakdown of the essential elements that every church website homepage needs


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