What's in this session?

  • Why Facebook Ads is the most powerful ad platform of all time (11:45)
  • A $61 Facebook Ads strategy for a church of 100 people (13:50)
  • 4 key elements of a great Facebook Ad (16:30)
  • An overview of a successful Facebook Ads campaign (17:00)
  • A $515 Facebook Ads strategy for a church of 6,000 people (25:29)
  • Why Chris believes every church should be running Facebook Ads every week (29:54)
  • Tips & tricks for running ad campaigns on Facebook (35:31)
  • Mistakes to avoid on Facebook Ads (39:58)
  • A $750 Facebook Video Ads strategy for a church of 7,000 people (44:09)

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. What’s the best thing to have in your Facebook Ad? An amazing graphic. Next, you need great ad copy. Don’t use Christian lingo in your copy, especially if you’re targeting your wider community. Create a laid-back, friendly feel to your ad and then link back to a custom landing page on your website built specifically for your ad.
    2. Should you use Facebook Ads just for special events? Chris says to think of Facebook Ads as invitations for people to join you at your weekly services. People like to be invited, so why not invite them to your regular meetings. Once again, direct them to a specific, welcoming landing page that mirrors your ad.
    3. Test before you run. To avoid wasting money on ads that don’t work, Chris suggests testing your ads first. Spend a small amount of money on some test ads and then track your metrics to see how successful they’ve been.

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