The Implications Of Virtual Reality On Faith with Kam Diba (PCP142)

With virtual reality becoming more prevalent and accessible, we discuss how this will affect faith with Kam Diba.

December 6th, 2016

The impressively credentialed Kam Diba founded Reverge, a company that offers, among lots of other things, completely turn-key virtual reality production services. He joins us to open our minds to the brave new world of virtual reality and how it may affect the church.

What’s In This Session?

  • What is virtual reality (VR)? (14:28)
  • The most exciting elements of virtual reality (19:40)
  • Speaking to the skeptics of VR (23:43)
  • Kam’s prediction for the future of VR (27:40)
  • Virtual reality versus sports (30:50)
  • Virtual reality versus travel (33:54)
  • Replicating all five senses within virtual reality (36:53)
  • Virtual reality’s implications for faith (39:55)
  • Online church via VR (43:50)

Show Notes & Resources Mentioned

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. VR may not replace 2-D or 3-D but it has its own potential. A VR meeting feels more real and immediate than a video call or phone call. The brain can be easily tricked (think of a magician’s illusions) and VR works at relatively low resolution because the brain ‘helps’ it along.
    2. Will VT become the most important media in the future? Kam thinks not. Books still have their place. Television still has its place. Going to a live event still has its place. But VR will find its way into all these areas, and transform our current experience because it provides a live 360-degree stream that nearly replicates reality. (Or provides an alternative reality.)
    3. Imagine VR communion. It’s possible to create a VR experience where you take communion at the last supper. You could feel as if you were really there, participating, eating the bread with the other disciples. These are the kinds of things that Kam and others on the cutting edge of VR technology are thinking about.