6 Pro Ideas For Using Planning Center In Your Youth Ministry with Chris Denning (PCP138)

Planning Center can help you stay on top of administration across all of the ministries in your church. Chris discusses how to optimize this tool specifically for your student ministry.

November 8th, 2016

Chris Denning is the Creative Arts Pastor at Journey Church, and also the resident guru at PCOGuru.com. He has 9 years experience with Planning Centre products and he sits down with us again to share insider info about the student ministry features of Planning Center.

What’s In This Session?

  • Tip #1: Register students for camps and events with PCO Registrations (13:20)
  • Tip #2: Schedule & automatically remind your volunteers with PCO Services (19:03)
  • Tip #3: Keep great attendance records with little effort with PCO Check-Ins (21:58)
  • Tip #4: Use PCO People for one-click grade promotion (27:26)
  • Tip #5: Easily manage all student small groups (including attendance) with PCO Groups (29:54)
  • Tip #6: Create simple mission trip donation collection with PCO Giving (34:05)

Show Notes & Resources Mentioned

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. Streamline the inevitably disorganized process of student camp and event registration. Your church likely has lots of youth events, and PCO Registrations centralizes the many moving parts – payment, student’s name and info, leaders, t-shirt size lists, equipment fees, and add-on fees. Students don’t always pay all at once, or on time, and PCO Registrations helps manage payment reminders, and even has options for paying by installments.
    2. Keep all-important track of students with PCO Check-Ins. You can create a list of all the kids who attend a service and have photos connected with them for accurate checkin. You can even keep track of students’ friends.
    3. Manage the details of mission trips. Keep mission donations separate from the general church fund. PCO Giving uses Stripe for handling donations. PCO Giving allows for instant online giving with a link embedded in any post or email. Seamlessly combine fund appeals with access to a page where people can give immediately.