7 Ways To Improve Your Church’s Administration Using Planning Center with Chris Denning (PCP137)

Planning Center can be a great administrative tool to give you specific insights into your church's logistics in everything from giving to registrations. Chris Denning gives us tips and tricks to make the best of these features.

November 1st, 2016

Chris Denning, Creative Arts Pastor at Journey Church, has over 8 years experience managing Planning Center Online accounts. He sits down with us again to share insider info about how to improve the administration of all facets of your church using Planning Center.

What’s In This Session?

  • Tip #1: Use lists & custom fields in PCO People to get insights into your church (14:00)
  • Tip #2: Use PCO Resources to help your Facilities Team (20:49)
  • Tip #3: Use Workflows in PCO People to track all of your processes (26:06)
  • Tip #4: Track all your donations in one place with PCO Giving (30:00)
  • Tip #5: Get easy & beautiful small group management with PCO Groups (including attendance!) (35:56)
  • Tip #6: Get simple registrations with PCO Registrations (42:01)
  • Tip #7: Track adult service attendance numbers with Headcount in PCO Check-Ins (46:17)

Show Notes & Resources Mentioned

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. Use Planning Center People to create lists of virtually any aspect of your church. Create lists of people who have donated to your church in the last six months. Create lists of the date people were baptized. Create lists of people who have attended your church in the last year, but not in the last three months. The possibilities of what you can track are both extremely specific and unlimited.
    2. PCO Giving lets you track all your donations in one place. You can tell what form your donations are coming in — and differentiate between cash, cheques, online giving — as well as designate various funds to keep the money separate. The PCO Giving application is beautifully designed and seamless.
    3. Headcount in PCO Checkins is specifically designed for getting overall numbers of people at various events. You aren’t taking names or information, but gathering stats from your events. You can track your adult attenders, your Sunday School classes, your youth events — and get a picture of attendance over time.