What's in this session?

  • Pro Tip #1: Create your charts in PCO Services to have it automatically in every key (19:34)
  • Pro Tip #2: Make practice easy for your musicians with PCO Music Stand (27:10)
  • Pro Tip #3: Use the matrix in PCO Services for simple team scheduling (31:35)
  • Pro Tip #4: Automate reminders, responses, and more with PCO Services (33:45)
  • Pro Tip #5: Keep attendance records for your choir with PCO Check-Ins (39:30)
  • Pro Tip #6: Improve communication with your volunteers using PCO Services & People (43:14)

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. Planning Center provides applications that can optimize your worship experience. Create your song charts in Planning Center Services so that they can be automatically played in every key. That way your worship team can use various arrangements. Planning Center makes it super easy to transpose your music.
    2. Use the matrix feature in PCO Services for simple team scheduling. Your worship experiences are particularly fluid and changeable in cast, order of service, various campuses, etc. Keeping track of the ever-changing schedules of the members of your worship team is expedited with the matrix feature.
    3. Improve communication with your worship team and volunteers using PCO Services & People. Filter your lists to segment population groups and send targeted emails to those addresses only. You can create custom lists that you can reuse every time you want to communicate with that particular segment.

Free Bonus: Click here to download The Ultimate Church Connect Card Template – a fully customizable connect card template for really works


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