What's in this session?

  • What is a TV app? (12:01)
  • Saddleback’s results using TV apps on Amazon, Apple, and Roku (19:31)
  • The distinction between online church versus TV app church (25:02)
  • The future of online church (27:10)
  • TV apps for smaller churches (31:22)
  • Pro tips for online church (42:19)

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. Imagine if you brought church into your home. This is an easy-entry point for people who might not come directly to your church building. Invite them into your home where you have an app that uses your television to share church content in a personal, comfortable, big-screen experience.
    2. We expect people to always show up, but busy people can’t do that. Distributing church content via a TV app means people can watch when they have time. Rather than people going two or three times a week to church, they can go to small groups that meet less often and watch television that provides teaching or services. Jay says this is a great option for church plants.
    3. Put your message series on TV. Add a bumper and intros and outros to your series and publish them as videos that can be watched in homes. You can use the intros/outros to invite connection with people. You can shoot a short video of discussion questions to provide small group material. There are so many ways Jay envisions churches going into homes through the power of television apps.

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