What's in this session?

  • Using photography to teach the Bible (10:35)
  • The 2 most important elements of great social media photos (18:17)
  • 2 simple photo composition tricks that will set your images apart (19:43)
  • Why you should never use the digital zoom on your mobile device (22:33)
  • Northpoint’s biggest key to success on social media (25:52)
  • How to begin finding photographers within your existing church (28:00)
  • The biggest training tips & tricks to give your volunteer photographers (32:42)
  • How Northpoint shares photos live within their team during services (35:13)
  • 3 different options for photo gear for every budget (39:13)

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. What makes great photography? Creative composition and shots of real people. Dave says that we are drawn to photos of faces and photos taken from creative angles. Take photos of people with interesting composition and you will attract more attention on your social media.
    2. Why use volunteer photographers? Your volunteers may already be pro or semi-pro photographers at their day jobs. Why position them as volunteers in other areas of the church when they could be using their skills to increase the quality of your graphics.
    3. Find people’s best face and find it fast. Facial expressions often contort our natural look when we speak. Catching a speaker when their face looks right is a photographic challenge that Dave recommends you master. Dave teaches his volunteers to take great photos, filter and process them consistently, and upload them almost instantly.

Free Bonus: Click here to download The iPhone Church Photography Case Study – learn to shoot stunning photos for your church with only your phone


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