What's in this session?

  • Understanding your pastor’s perspective (12:40)
  • How would you rate your relationship with your senior leader on a scale of 1-10? (15:30)
  • The first step to improving your relationship with your senior leader (18:35)
  • Using your church’s vision & mission to reverse engineer a creative project your senior leader will care about (21:50)
  • Why you should never talk tech and industry jargon with your senior leader (24:40)
  • The Clouds & Dirt conversation (26:05)
  • The trick to framing purchase decisions (38:21)
  • The importance of paying for your senior leader’s lunch (43:40)

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. Don’t be a short-cutter or a scammer. Tech people get used to depending on hacks and cobbled-together systems to work media miracles. That’s awesome. But it’s an approach that doesn’t work when you have an ‘ask’ of your senior leader. You have to switch gears into hard-work mode.
    2. Pay for lunch. Seriously. Pay for lunch. Don’t use the church credit card. Don’t split the bill. If you want to ask your leadership for something you need, start building a solid, generous relationship where you connect as people. Your leadership already respects your work. What they need is to get to know and trust you personally.
    3. Support your leadership’s personal vision with your skills. Show your value by offering to do a project that’s close to your pastor’s heart. Then do the project for free. When your leadership sees what’s possible in an area of their own passion, it makes them see the value of your other requests.

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