What's in this session?

  • Snapchat is unlike any other social platform to reach this size (9:48)
  • Snapchat is ushering in the future of social media (11:15)
  • There is no news feed on Snapchat (12:15)
  • Your content has an expiration date (13:44)
  • You can’t schedule or upload content (14:54)
  • Snapchat is currently better suited for individuals (pastors) rather than organizations (churches) (24:29)
  • Snapchat will require more work and effort from you than any other social platform (27:13)
  • If you can put the work in everyday and be consistent, you’ll have a massive advantage over everyone else (most others will just give up) (29:37)
  • Using recurring segments is the easiest way to produce quality content regularly on Snapchat (32:18)
  • Consistently sharing the tough moments in your life will make your Snapchat story “must-watch” programming (33:54)
  • Snapchat does not have a suggest user list like Instagram (35:33)
  • Snapchat does not have a way to search and discover users like every other social platform (36:00)
  • Snapchat does not have a way to piggyback on hashtags and retweets like Twitter and Instagram (36:03)
  • Running a contest where the only way to be eligible is to follow your Snapchat account is one of the fastest ways to grow your Snapchat following (37:03)
  • Cross-promote on your other social platforms using a "story tease" (38:16)
  • Cross-promote at church by including a Snapchat promo slide in your pre-roll and post-roll on the screen (39:39)
  • Cross-promote on your website by including a link in the sidebar or scrolling widget on mobile devices (40:19)
  • Cross-promote on your email signature by including a link to your public Snapchat URL (41:34)
  • Custom geofilters on Snapchat are one the biggest value buys in all of advertising (42:11)
  • Churches should consider and experiment with using Snapchat custom geofilters every Sunday morning (43:34)
  • Snapchat custom geofilter costs are low, but the impressions are high (44:45)
  • Isn’t Snapchat just a platform for sleazy teenagers?(46:11)
  • I think Snapchat is dumb because content expires. Why work hard to create quality snaps if they’re just going to vanish?(49:46)
  • Isn’t Snapchat just another fad? How can I be expected to keep up with every new platform? (51:45)
  • Brady’s final thoughts on Snapchat (53:23)

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. Snapchat is completely different from other major platforms. You are used to scrolling. Snapchat doesn’t open to a scroll screen. You are used to seeing a newsfeed. Snapchat doesn’t have a newsfeed. You are used to scheduling posts. You can’t schedule with Snapchat. Neither does Snapchat keep a catalogue of all your chats and pics. On Snapchat everything quickly expires.
    2. Nobody knows how to use Snapchat intuitively. Because we’ve all been trained on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we open Snapchat and find it difficult. It has a completely different vibe and (so far) keeps changing its iteration. To help you out, we’ve created The Ultimate Guide To Snapchat For Churches replete with animated gifs that walk you step-by-step through using Snapchat.
    3. Snapchat requires more work than any other social platform. There is no algorithm deciding for you what stories you want to see. The stories load chronologically, so if you haven’t posted recently, you sink to the bottom of the pile. You need to update multiple times a day to stay on top and get noticed.

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