The Negative Effect Of Church Communications On Your Spiritual Life with Meredith Gould (PCP119)

Meredith Gould joins us to talk about the challenges of church communications on spirituality & the negative effect it can have on your spiritual life.

June 27th, 2016

Meredith Gould — check her out at — joins us to discuss the paradox of church communications hurting your spiritual life in this session of the Pro Church Podcast.

What’s In This Session?

  • The church beginning to embrace communications as a viable ministry (13:48)
  • How church communications can have a negative effect on your spiritual life (19:03)
  • The unique challenges of church communications on spirituality (24:40)
  • Crashing and burning on church (27:00)
  • The double whammy of rediscovering & deconstructing your faith (30:43)
  • Measuring the success of your spiritual life (35:00)

Show Notes & Resources Mentioned

3 Instant Takeaways

  1. Ever feel like you’re in the religion industry? Meredith found that working behind-the-scenes in church communications dampened the awe and wonder of the Spirit in her life. Sometimes she was caught up in fonts and signage and lost sight of the ‘why’ of what she was doing. Sometimes she was struggling with her own faith agreement with the very messages she was having to communicate.
  2. If you’ve ever burned out on church, you’re not alone. Meredith got to the point that she didn’t want anything church-related. Then she just wanted to sit in the back pew, uninvolved. But then she began to desconstruct and reverse-engineer her beliefs. She learned to give up on ‘doing’ and ‘achieving’ and rediscovered a truly spiritual life.
  3. What characterizes a successful spiritual life? Meredith says that a deep awareness of God’s presence, knowing beyond words that God is a God of mercy and grace, and understanding that all of us are connected to something larger than ourselves, are good signs that you are experiencing the reality of the Spirit.