How To Architect A Weekend Experience with Adam Fry (PCP114)

Adam Fry gives us insight on how to be the architect of a weekend church experience and helps us to determining the goals of your weekend experiences.

May 24th, 2016

Adam Fry from Central Community Church in Ontario, Canada helps craft the church’s weekend experience. He also runs a site that provides training in live production at He brings his considerable experience to share in this session of the Pro Church Podcast.

What’s In This Session?

  • How to be the architect of a weekend church experience (08:06)
  • Figuring out the one big takeaway from each service (15:40)
  • Determining the goals of your weekend experiences (17:22)
  • Being guest-aware every weekend (22:30)
  • Balancing the tension of focusing on new people and your existing church (26:39)
  • Sweating the small stuff (32:13)
  • Mistakes Adam & Central have made in the past (38:33)
  • Focusing on story more than anything else¬†(43:08)

Show Notes & Resources Mentioned

3 Instant Takeaways

  1. Creating unforgettable experiences. The team at Central makes it a goal to help people experience God. Rather than see church as a place to provide articulate information and a high quality show, Adam says to use art to provide an engaging encounter for people. Challenge people’s assumptions, cause them to see God differently, and back the essential message of the service.
  2. Trust that the wow moments are backed with authenticity. The purpose of unforgettable weekend experiences is to open the door to people’s hearts and minds. No architected experience substitutes for the community of the Holy Spirit that your church provides. It’s a bit of a teeter-totter to balance medium and message, but Adam never wants people walking away simply impressed by the art. Coolness doesn’t trump content.
  3. Sweat the small stuff. At Central they have developed a culture of focusing on the details. Everything communicates, not just communication itself. How clean is your stage? How easy is it for people to find the washrooms in your church? What’s their parking experience? These are all details that speak to them.