Streamlining Your Church’s Live Production with Mike Sessler (PCP110)

Mike Sessler joins us today to talk about streamlining your churches live production & digital workflows.

April 26th, 2016

Mike Sessler is a longtime church technical director who’s currently working at CCI Solutions, a systems integration company. The founder of Mike shares how systemization can reduce frustration in your church, in this session of the Pro Church Podcast.

What’s In This Session?

  • Streamlining your church’s live production (12:48)
  • The importance of keeping church systems the same week after week (13:54)
  • How to document your church’s systems & processes (19:06)
  • The importance of taking care of your existing gear and workspaces (22:22)
  • Streamlining your digital workflows (29:00)
  • How to organize exceptionally well even if you’re terrible at it (35:23)
  • Pro tips for systematizing your church’s processes (39:51)

Show Notes & Resources Mentioned

3 Instant Takeaways

  1. Create a redundancy of documentation. Churches that rely on a rotation of changing volunteers are vulnerable to chaos in their tech booths. A masterplan with both hard copies and digital copies ensures everyone is on the same page. Literally. Mike suggests creating an illustrated guide with photos of your gear and storage system. Send .PDFs of the documentation to everyone involved for training and reference.
  2. Keep your room clean. Mike has seen a lot of tech areas in churches that are messier than a teenager’s room: Oudated, dusty equipment isn’t thrown out. Cables and cords are tangled in piles. This only furthers the chaos and the time needed to organize before services. Mike recommends buying basic organization and storage systems from a box store, and thinking minimalist.
  3. What if organization isn’t your strong point? A lot of tech-artist types argue that they aren’t great organizers. Mike says none of us have the luxury of doing only what we like and are good at. But there are people who love to organize — and finding them to do some of the systemizing might work for you.