What's in this session?

  • What is 'user experience' and why should the church care about it? (10:54)
  • A list of UX tools (14:34)
  • Why UX doesn’t apply only to the digital realm (22:14)
  • The worst user experience story that Brady ever had (24:40)
  • How to use a GoPro to improve your church’s UX (28:12)
  • Common UX mistakes churches are making (30:20)
  • Pro tips about user experience (34:13)

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

  1. Churches need to stop guessing if they are providing a good user experience. There are strategies, tools, apps and programs to help churches determine if their outreaching is meeting users’ needs. There’s a difference between thinking you know what people need and discovering what people really need. Maybe you think they are interested in your About page, but they really want to know the times of your children’s programs.
  2. Does your church’s physical space provide a good user experience? A great website can provide a great UX, but so can your service and physical building. Stephen suggests attending another church one week to examine the UX there and bring back that fresh eye to help improve your own. Did you have trouble finding things? Was the signage inadequate? Did the service line up with what was promised on the website?
  3. There are multibillion-dollar companies that get UX wrong. So don’t feel like you’re alone — but the church has more motivation to meet its users’ needs than any corporation. We love people. Let’s find out what makes people’s experiences better out front, rather than haphazardly guesstimating and building sites and channels that aren’t helpful. Stephen says to put the map before the trip.

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