What's in this session?

  • What is inbound marketing? (10:12)
  • Why inbound/permission marketing is important for your church (12:42)
  • How to use inbound marketing to connect with Millennials (15:53)
  • Stop using churchy words like this (17:20)
  • Creating lead magnets for your church (19:23)
  • How to determine your church’s audience/demographic (26:24)
  • Mistakes churches are making in the realm of inbound marketing (28:34)
  • Pro tips for marketing you can apply right away (35:06)
  • Sandy’s favorite marketing tools (38:43)

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

  1. Attract a demographic that would find you attractive. You don’t need to be all things to all people. Define your flavor of church and attract people who like that flavor. Imagine if you want to attract unbelievers and your website is full of ‘church words’ like sanctification. You can’t market to unbelievers with words that they wouldn’t even type into a search engine. Your website needs to be an active invitation to the kind of people who would consider getting all the way to your front door.
  2. It’s a mistake to do no marketing. Your website can’t be a static brochure. It has to be interactive. It has to be intentional. It has to be inviting. It has to have a reason for being. Your website should offer something people need and ways for them to act on that need. That could be as simple as showing them a welcome video and then providing a contact form. Plan for every step to be followed by a next step.
  3. If you stop updating your website, Google stops indexing you well. The same is true of social. If you get social media accounts and never use them, you will bury yourself in the rankings and not be found at all unless people search directly through your exact URLs. Bonus fact: Embedding video on your website also boosts your ranking.

Free Bonus: Click here to download The Perfect Church Homepage Infographic – a complete visual breakdown of the essential elements that every church website homepage needs



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