What's in this session?

  • How to produce the right kind of social content for your church (13:34)
  • Embodying your church culture and personality via social media (16:28)
  • How to repurpose content on social media (18:29)
  • Using your sermon, announcements, & prayer for native content (22:25)
  • Should we post the same content multiple times? (26:48)
  • Can we share the same content on multiple platforms? (28:53)
  • Social media tools that Diana uses everyday (31:38)
  • How to use analytics & metrics in your social strategy (33:58)
  • The biggest lesson Diana learned through 6 years of social media ministry (39:18)
  • What social platforms does National Community Church use? (41:52)

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

  1. We all have a creative limit. No matter how many ideas are running through your head, that number is not unlimited. Repurposing is a way to boost your creative content without taxing your creative limits. As an example, Diana takes the Sunday sermon at National Community Church and chops it into 140-character slices to release during the week. She clarifies that the purpose of reusing isn’t an end in itself: people benefit from a reuse as they can marinate in the Sunday message all week.
  2. Don’t cross the line into spamming. Repurposing doesn’t mean flooding all your platforms with the same exact content. Diana posts everything with integrity: never spamming, repeating, or overwhelming people with information. She changes the text slightly if she resends tweets, and she uses different aspects of church content on different platforms.
  3. You can’t go wrong when you post Scripture. Right? Diana says to remember that people on social media are people. By encouraging them with Scripture, and by being available on the other end of social to pray or listen, you move beyond merely publishing information to interacting in a real way.

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