Church Marketing Through Storytelling with Kelvin Co (PCP081)

I recently came across a church that has totally reimagined their website. This simple technique could revolutionize your church's online presence.

October 6th, 2015

Kelvin Co, Creative Media Pastor at a church of 3,000 — — joins us to talk marketing your church with storytelling in this session of the Pro Church Podcast.

What’s In This Session?

  • The missing element of most church websites (11:35)
  • Using stories on your church website (14:37)
  • A real story from Kelvin’s church (19:08)
  • Gathering stories from within your church (22:41)
  • Making stories readable without compromising the original message (24:01)
  • How storytelling impacts church culture (31:13)
  • Keeping an updated list of stories within your church & tools you can use (36:58)
  • Can stories be overused? (41:34)

Show Notes & Resources Mentioned

3 Instant Takeaways

  1. Front and center on The Oaks website is a family’s story. Not the pastor’s family’s story. Not the church’s message. Not the next church event. Instead of talking about themselves, the church gives over their homepage to let other people talk.
  2. Creating good stories needs a thought-process filter. Ever start talking and find yourself telling a longer, more meandering story than you meant to? End up somewhere you didn’t intend? To tell a good story you need a filter. Run it through the sieve: What’s the purpose? What’s the intention? Who’s the audience? What is the emotion?
  3. Add stories to your giving time so people can give for a reason. Instead of just asking people to give because it’s the offering portion of your service, tell a story of need or blessing as a holistic reason to be generous.