You Don’t Need A Big Budget To Communicate In A Big Way with Emily Cummins (PCP075)

Emily Cummins serves as the Impact Coordinator for Leading & Loving It and also founded

August 25th, 2015

Emily Cummins serves on the team at Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, Nevada, and at Leading and Loving It , as well as founding She joins us to discuss why churches don’t need big budgets to communicate in a big way.

What’s In This Session?

  • How Central is creating weekly life stories & sermon roll-ins (16:08)
  • Using a small budget to communicate in a big way (19:57)
  • The right steps to acquiring great interns (23:43)
  • Managing the responsibilities you give to interns (26:12)
  • Using sidewalk chalk for church announcements (34:34)
  • How to make people feel comfortable for speaking on camera (38:47)

Show Notes & Resources Mentioned

3 Instant Takeaways

  1. Be extremely strategic. Central church has several campuses and puts out a lot of media with a small team. They achieve this by relying more on their creativity than their budget; by working extremely hard during office hours; by collaborating and creating synergy; and by planning ahead to save work time.
  2. Use interns before hires. Central offers internships to media people, videographers, etc., which is a way to start people contributing to the team before they are paid. This way everyone gets to know each other and see if they are a good fit, rather than hiring cold.
  3. Move print media to digital media. Wherever possible, Central is moving information to digital to save print dollars — such as using seatback bulletins and projected slides rather than handing out a printed bulletin to every entrant, and switching from paper to online signup forms.