What's in this session?

  • What is church online? (11:26)
  • How is church online different from live streaming? (15:41)
  • Launching your own online church campus (21:00)
  • Moving from online to offline (24:40)
  • Launching small groups through online church (28:56)
  • The Biblical basis for church online (35:59)
  • Can small churches leverage an online campus? (39:04)
  • How Saddleback does communion online (44:00)

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

  1. Get people from online to offline. One way to do this in a low-key, personal way is to move people from tracking with your church online to starting a small group in their home. Curricula, online courses and groups create a low-barrier way to move people toward hosting their own house group.
  2. Church online is just outreach like the Apostle Paul’s. Saddleback has a large online church presence but always thinks of it, not as numbers, but as funnelling down to small groups and then to individuals. It’s truly a Biblical model.
  3. Small churches can set aside a small budget for Google ads. Ads can target your geographic area on Google. People may turn a blind eye to your marquee but when they are online in their own homes they may see an ad for your church’s online content – meaning they don’t have to commit to coming to your building.

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