What's in this session?

  • The way social media ads has changed the world of advertising (11:30)
  • What type of church should consider social media ads? (16:16)
  • Why boosting posts is a terrible idea (21:14)
  • The best place to get started with social media advertising (22:51) 
  • Your church’s first ad on Facebook (30:40)
  • Common mistakes churches make in their social media ads (35:00)
  • Tips & tricks for church social media ads (38:05)

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

  1. Consider moving your church advertising to social media. Advertising your potluck in the bulletin? How about advertising it on Facebook. Tailoring the message to a specific audience on social media can increase the attendance at specific events. The share factor of social media means that the message gets spread through people’s own circles and you reach friends of friends that may not attend your church yet.
  2. Tips for tackling the beast of Facebook advertising? Use your gmail list. Those addresses target your own people who need your message. The next step is to create a lookalike audience to those people which will reach people who are similar. Facebook lets you choose by geographic area, which is also useful for churches. Experiment with Facebook target options and tweak your parameters — but be sure to follow your stats to see what is actually working.
  3. For your very first church ad use something that has data capture. Get some analytics and stats. Use a sign-up form for an event so that you can count heads. Or if you have a church app, offer a download. If you use Facebook authentication for downloads you can both count heads and build an audience list. Human-test your website to see how people navigate it, and if you don’t have human testers run an analytics program like Crazy Egg.

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