What's in this session?

  • Trend #1: Social video (8:30)
  • Trend #2: Paid amplification (Twitter & FB ads) (18:04)
  • Trend #3: Instagram (30:29)
  • Trend #4: Mobile first (37:22)
  • Trend #5: Social Commerce (44:53)

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

  1. The online world is moving. That’s right, moving. Everywhere online, static images are being replaced with videos. Where once you’d see an image ad about peanut butter, you now see a video ad about peanut butter. If you want to connect with your audience, you need to start putting your content in video form. This means on Facebook and Twitter, too. They are vying for the Youtube market. In fact, Facebook wants your videos so much it has promoted the shelf-life of videos and doesn’t fossilize them as quickly as images.
  2. Boost your best posts. Always be strategic — Steve never uses crass engagement techniques — but amplify your best stuff. For example, during Easter, Crossway posted a graphic of Jesus on the cross with the simple caption, “It is finished.” Once the natural run was finished, Steve boosted that post to Crossway followers and then let the graphic run through that audience and its own followers in turn.
  3. Be sure your website isn’t a “Honey I Shrank the Kids” experience for mobile users. The best mobile version of your website isn’t just a desktop-sized version in miniature. People who are clicking from a beautiful mobile platform like Facebook to a clunky desktop-designed website experience friction. Churches need to design all their media around every device so that users don’t experience a brake-stop. Likely, anyone who hits a stop like that will click away. Steve says to ask yourself how to lower this friction. Think multi-device for every aspect of your brand.

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