What's in this session?

  • How to pick songs for your upcoming worship experience (18:26)
  • How to prepare for transitions, talking parts in worship and using eye contact without being awkward (24:16)
  • The importance of verbal cues within worship and how to use them as a worship leader (27:36)
  • Tips, tricks, & hacks for leading your team of musicians (39:36)

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

  1. Don’t necessarily choose your worship set to echo the pastor’s sermon. Carlos likes to find out, rather, what the church wants to sing. For example, an album is released after the latest Passion conference and worship pastors often end up insisting that the congregation learn those songs. But the church tends to sing the songs it likes the loudest, so use this as gauge and bless the people by choosing songs they love — at least three quarters of the time.
  2. Work just as hard on what you say between songs as the pastor works on his sermons. People can tell when the worship leader is not prepared. Carlos actually practices in front of a mirror, rehearsing his transitions so that he can have freedom on Sunday morning for he Spirit to move around the groundwork that’s been laid. During worship, Carlos suggests looking people in the eye and smiling — not as a staged behaviour but as an intentional act of blessing. You can never prepare for everything that might happen during worship — including technical glitches — but you can have strategies that keep you leading people with confidence.
  3. Leading a worship team is the real estate equivalent of location: relationship, relationship, relationship. As a guest worship leader, Carlos introduces himself to the host team and spends time with them while he is guesting. Good relationships between worship team members translates to the stage and people in the congregation can sense that. As a worship leader, Carlos says he acts like a greeter and intentionally interacts with the congregation. If a worship leader is as visible on the platform as the pastor, he should act like one and be out among the people.

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