What's in this session?

  • How do we share the Gospel through technology?  (12:05)
  • How social media is affecting nations (16:00)
  • How to create social media content when you have nothing to say (30:10)
  • How to develop Twitter content by following others (31:28)
  • Why sharing Scriptures on social media is powerful - even when it feels old to you (33:15)
  • How to create a Twitter following strategy and build lists (35:40)

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

  1. Share your life as an evangelism method. Matt will share a Scripture that God lays on his heart on his social media accounts. Some of his friends or followers might get upset, but often they are reached. This way Matt is being organic in his experience of evangelism, not forced or artificial. People will retweet his Scriptures and then . . . who knows how far they will go through the digital universe? This is especially important because unchurched countries that have an official anti-Christian political policy still have internet access.
  2. Disciple people through social media. Not only is salvation possible — and occurring — through online channels, but so is ongoing discipleship, growth and training. While people can attend small groups once a week, they can tune into online podcasts and blogs in their pajamas anytime during the day. Matt reminds online evangelists to keep things authentic. This generation is media savvy so use the media but do it with the same integrity you would use face-to-face with someone. You don’t share the gospel to boost your online statistics. People can see right through that.
  3. Use your own voice on your own account. If your name is on it, you are responsible for it. So if you have your own domain name or an account attached to you, act like it IS you. Using scheduling apps is okay if you are short of time but don’t overuse them. If you feel like you’re facing a blank canvas on your blog, you can use your sermon notes. They provide several key points that can be stretched out over a week. Reposting things you’ve read elsewhere — with proper credit — is okay too if it’s stuff that’s meaningful to you personally. And never forget the word of God! Posting those words always impacts people.


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