What's in this session?

  • Why accepting giving on your actual church page is 6 times more effective than accepting money on a third-party application (11:50)
  • Where did the Mogiv name come from? (16:35)
  • Where is the best place to start with digital giving? (18:26)
  • Digital giving is less aggressive than taking up an offering' (24:30)
  • The best places to put your giving links on your website (28:45)
  • How to properly set up text giving and how to choose the best mobile giving model (30:20)
  • In 2018 80% of web traffic will be from mobile devices (30:40)
  • How set up digital fundraising (34:53)

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

  1. The best place to accept giving is on your church website, not a third party page. When people give through your church website, the branding remains visible and the process is organic and seamless. Mogiv doesn’t even require an SSL certificate for churches because they embed the security on the Mogiv backend. All giving can be done through regular church-hosted pages.
  2. Churches who want to start with e-giving should avoid complexity for both givers and staff. Think about providing people with a great giving experience, with the fewest number of steps, the fewest number of clicks possible. Also, keep the backend tally process simple for your treasurer or financial staff. There is no free solution for this process, but companies like Mogiv take the computational and regulatory burden of financial transactions off the church.
  3. Worries about a ‘Donate’ button on your website appearing as a money grab are unfounded. Churches tend to hide their giving button, but a passive button is actually a less aggressive approach than passing a plate on Sunday morning. Kent encourages churches not to be ashamed of needing funds because churches exist solely as non-profit organizations supported by members. (Not to mention the Bible’s clear mandate for giving.)

Free Bonus: Click here to download The Perfect Church Homepage Infographic – a complete visual breakdown of the essential elements that every church website homepage needs


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