What's in this session?

  • What is Triple Wide Media? (16:22)
  • How do you link multiple screens together? Is it really hard? (20:40)
  • What are the advantages of multiscreen media?  (28:14)
  • Is multiscreen media for big churches only? (33:00)
  • What are some potential pitfalls of multiscreen media? (37:58)
  • Luke shares tips & tricks for multiscreen media (42:45)

Show notes and resources

Triplewide Media in action
Triplewide Media in action
Triplewide Media in action
Triplewide Media in action

3 Instant Takeaways

  1. Why does multi-screen environmental projection matter? Luke says studies show we remember more when visuals are added to an experience. Multi-screen images creates a bigger horizon that has more impact than a simple auditory experience with a plain platform and speaker.
  2. How does a multiscreen processor work? The multiscreen boxes essentially ‘ask’ your computer for a resolution that’s not a normal television or projector screen size. Your computer responds by sending an image in a resolution that’s three times the width then chops it into three parts. Pro Presenter, Power Point, or any of the common software programs you already use can perform this function.
  3. Advantages of multiscreen media? They create awe. In past times cathedrals were built to create awe and reflect God’s glory. Modern churches tend to be architecturally sterile and sanitized, but with multiscreen images we can bring back the cathedral, the stained glass windows — or whatever images of God’s grandeur we choose.

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