What's in this session?

  • The newest social media tool we’re using at Pro Church Tools
  • The top 10 mistakes you’re making on Twitter
  • The lifetime of a tweet
  • How to get up to 35% more retweets
  • How to set up your church’s Twitter strategy
  • Why you can’t tweet like Taylor Swift

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

  1. Don’t push church like a product to your new followers. It’s not cool that the church acts like it’s all about itself. Same goes for only tweeting about your own stuff.
  2. Find out the time zone during which most of your tweets are viewed. You can target your tweets to the time most people will see them. Then you can schedule your tweets and replies in advance so that they go out during the optimum time. Yes, there’s an app for that. Be sure, as well, to share your tweets more than once.
  3. Be sure your Twitter profile photo is set up properly. If it’s your personal account, use a straight-on headshot — not pets, not scenery, not a crowd. And make your bio interesting and targeted and add hashtags so it is searchable. Also, be sure you know how to use the @reply feature on Twitter.

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