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  1. The secret of Coroplast is getting out. Coroplast is a great material that is cheap, flexible and adaptable. You can shape it and light it with LED, and it can set the emotional tone for what is happening in worship and the service. The days of plastic flowers and palm leaves is over, and churches are designing their platforms to create a landscape for an experience.
  2. Don’t design for design’s sake. No matter how edgy your church is, the minute you do something just because that’s what you think you should do it starts becoming a tradition. Do stage design to meet needs, point people to Jesus — not to prove your coolness.
  3. Don’t recreate the set from ‘Titanic.’ It’s fun. It’s impactful. But it’s not flexible. For a few weeks it works great, but when the pastor moves to a sermon series on The Song of Solomon it’s out of touch. If you want topical stage sets, use Coroplast to create appropriate visuals and make them just part of the overall set.

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