Moving To A Multisite Model with Peninsula Covenant Church: Coaching Edition #024

Welcome to another session of the Pro Church Podcast: Coaching Edition. In this podcast I'm going to be speaking live with a church and you’ll get to sit in on our coaching session together. Nothing is off limits and everything is recorded.

November 30th, 2017

Peninsula Covenant Church is in the process of launching their second campus, and are wanting to flesh out what that means when it comes to structure and communications. Brady weighs in with his thoughts.

Meet The Church Being Coached

  • Church Name: Peninsula Covenant Church
  • Church Location: Redwood City, California
  • Church Age: 65 years
  • Church Size: 900 – 1,000
  • On the coaching call: Tony Gapastone – Worship Arts Pastor, Kristin Hernandez – Communications Director

Show Notes & Resources Mentioned

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. Keep your social together and streamlined. Splintering your audience apart based on campus location can dilute your online presence. It can also make it confusing for new visitors, or people searching for information.
    2. Community trumps programming. What will make your outreach sticky is whether or not students can identify the group. As human beings we were created for community. We all want a group of people to call our own. Feeling like they fit in and belong with the group will keep students around.
    3. Create a content marketing strategy. College age students spend a lot of time online, which is exactly why you need to be present online. This can be in the form of YouTube videos, podcasts, blogposts, etc. The key is to make sure you create content that fits the platform, and that this content is not just advertising, but instead is valuable on its own.

The Full Transcript