The Ultimate Church Video Gear Guide

This guide has saved us hours of research and addresses exactly where we're at in terms of the best gear for our budget.

Brett Esslinger

Lead Pastor, Engage City Church

Here's what you get in your

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The most versatile camera I've ever used...

This incredibly versatile camera is the single best option for most churches

4 different gear checklists for every budget...

Our always up-to-date gear guide consists of 4 separate checklists at different price points so you can find the perfect setup for your church

Top recommendations for audio, lighting, & stabilization

Most people think their camera is the most important part of their video setup - but audio, lighting, & stabilization are MUCH more important

Plus...a FREE video...

Enjoy a thorough breakdown of our gear guides and how to best use them

"Find the perfect video setup for your church - regardless of your budget or video experience. This the exact gear that we use and recommend based on extensive testing in church settings."

Brady Shearer, Creator of Pro Church Tools