What's in this session?

  • Church Name: Calvary Apostolic Church
  • Church Location: Columbus, Ohio
  • Church Age: 100 years
  • Church Size: 350
  • On the coaching call: Isaac Cowden - Creative Director & Band Leader

Show notes and resources

3 Instant Takeaways

    1. Have consistent handles across every platform. Consistent handles make it easy for your audience to find you on every platform. Where as needing to remember multiple handles can be confusing and can keep people from following your church on social media.
    2. Develop a true sense of community. With the coming of the digital age people have access to education, music and ideas at the click of a button, but are often left feeling lonely. The church was designed to be an integrated community, and living this out can fill a need for the people who visit you and can help them decide whether or not to stay.
    3. Base your small groups around activities. Having a common activity helps dissipate awkwardness and gives people common ground to bond over. This common ground can lead to deter connections and conversation.

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