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  • In 2006 I was 15 years - just a little over ten years ago...here's a list of things that didn't exist at the beginning of 2006: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, iPhones, Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox, Spotify, Netflix, and it goes on...(0:36)
  • The communication shift (2:21)
  • This is just the beginning - how are you going to react? (3:50)
  • Every industry is being disrupted; churches are not immune (4:10)
  • Point of contact (5:52)

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The Transcript

Brady Shearer: Pro Church Daily is brought to you by Story Tape Unlimited. Stock video downloads on a single monthly subscription. Head to StoryTape.com and you can browse through every single video clip we have to offer for free.

Alex Mills: Well, hey there and welcome to Pro Church Daily, the show where in 10 minutes or less, you’ll get your daily dose of tips and tactics to help your church share the message of Jesus while we navigate the biggest communications shift in the last 500 years.

I’m your host, Alex Mills, and I’m joined as always by the boss man, Brady Shearer. And today I just said it, we’re gonna be talking about the biggest communication shift in the last 500 years.

Brady Shearer: I want to run down, for all of our listeners and viewers, a list of platforms that did not exist in 2006.

Alex Mills: Wow, I love this.

Brady Shearer: 2006, I was 15-years-old.

Alex Mills: Math.

Brady Shearer: Math became very difficult. Quick math, not quite, slow math. In 2006 you were 13-years-old.

Alex Mills: Yeah.

Brady Shearer: So not long ago. That’s just 10 years ago basically. Just a decade ago these platforms did not exist. Facebook, public registration for Facebook began in late 2006. So the beginning of 2006 Facebook, not a thing. Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, if Facebook’s not a thing, obviously those three are not.

iPhones, not a thing in 2006. Uber did not exist. AirBNB, AirBN what? Not a thing. Dropbox? Nope. Spotify? You better believe not. Netflix in its current form did not exist. It was doing the thing where you had to mail and then you’d get a VHS or DVD sent to you in the mail. So in its current form, not a thing.

Alex Mills: What did we do with all of our idle time?

Brady Shearer: Well, maybe we actually had idle time because it wasn’t Netflix and chilling and on Facebook every moment of every day. The point being that was 12 years ago. The world fundamentally in a different space. You just said it best, what did we even do? The reason you’re saying that is because it’s hard to imagine living in a world where Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat didn’t exist so there’s no social. Spotify doesn’t exist. You’re buying CDs. Netflix doesn’t exist. How are we watching television? iPhones don’t exist, so what am I even … What am I, flip phoning? Am I paying as I go? Texts are 15 cents each?

Alex Mills: Am I playing Snake?

Brady Shearer: Wow. There’s a throwback. The point is this, we are living through the single biggest communication shift since the printing press.

Alex Mills: Wow.

Brady Shearer: The way that we interact with each other through the internet, through digital has fundamentally shifted everything about the world. Because it’s not just the way that we communicate. These changes in communication have had colossal changes on industry, the marketplace, and just capitalism and economics as a whole. It wasn’t too long ago where Netflix got its first big contract. I don’t believe this movie has been released yet, but they took from a major studio a film that had cast in it, Joe Pesci and a number of other just iconic actors.

Normally a movie studio would have gotten that film. Netflix outbid them and that movie went to Netflix. Not too long ago Bright with will Smith came out. That was a Netflix exclusive. Films that have been going to major movie studios forever, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate and all of the big guys, now Netflix is taking them. Fundamental shifts in industry. Public transportation has been massively disrupted by ride sharing. Uber and Lyft, the two primary players, we had rioting in the public square from taxi drivers rioting, saying, “Change the laws to disallow this,” because they are changing the way that ride sharing and public transportation has ever been done.

Why? Because of the internet. The internet allowed that. We are talking about fundamental changes in the human psyche with GenZ and GenY, millennials. We are now living in a world where we have just immeasurable numbers of ads that are being thrown at us at all times. No human generation in history has had to deal with the number of messages and brands that are just throwing, including us, throwing their messages at us at all times.

Everything is being changed. The point is this, if the movie industry is being disrupted, if the transportation industry is being disrupted, if the agricultural industry is being disrupted, food sent to my house in a box. Thanks Chef’s Plate. Thanks Blue Apron. I’m not going to no grocery store. I don’t have time for that.

Stamps.com, I don’t have time for the post office. What else is being disrupted? Oh, you want me to buy music? That ain’t a thing. You want me to buy the latest series?

Alex Mills: Frank and Oak. You want me to go to the store and try on clothes?

Brady Shearer: Clothing. Frank and Oak. Send me my clothes in the mail. I’ll try it on, if it I don’t like it I’ll send it back …

Alex Mills: Send it back.

Brady Shearer: … for free. Everything’s changing. Churches are not immune to this marketplace industry and communication disruption. We are still formulating our church existence around this single one hour experience. Come to us on Sunday morning at 10:30 and for an hour we’re going to do church. Well, there are 167 hours beyond that one hour on a Sunday morning.

Alex Mills: Wow.

Brady Shearer: In the past we needed to focus the primary, the majority of our financial volunteer, creative and time resources on this one hour event, on this one hour service, worship experience because that was the best way to get people’s attention. But now you can get your community’s attention any time you want, 24/7 through this little device, through these platforms that have fundamentally changed the world. So we need to begin reallocating, shifting our resources not just to this one hour event, but to the other 167 hours because again, our churches are not immune to this huge shift.

Alex Mills: Yeah, we used to have one point of contact or maybe a few if you had a midweek service or small groups or whatever, but you had one point of contact with your community. It was this Sunday morning event.

Brady Shearer: That’s it.

Alex Mills: Now the lines of communication are always open. You can meet people where they’re at whenever and wherever. I do more, I think I do more pastoral care on Facebook Messaging during the week …

Brady Shearer: Truth.

Alex Mills: … than I do in person on Sundays.

Brady Shearer: True.

Alex Mills: I’m having conversations with people on Facebook all the time during the week asking me about how to exegete this verse of Scripture. Not even joking on Facebook during the week because they have questions and they know that they can reach me. So this is the world we live in.

Brady Shearer: We’re all resistant to change to a certain degree. It’s unfamiliar, thus it is uncomfortable, thus we think it’s evil.

Alex Mills: Right.

Brady Shearer: But all the things that you just said are great for us. Instead of a single channel to reach our community, our city and the people with the hope of Jesus, we now have multiple channels at all times. This is a good thing. I imagine the Apostle Paul and the earliest disciples starting their churches, really beginning this revolutionary following of Jesus trend and them having to walk everywhere.

If you wanted to talk to someone I’d write you a letter and then it would be like brought to you by foot. No, now I can reach anyone in the entire world instantly. It’s an amazing opportunity. Seize it. Seize the 167 hours beyond your Sunday service. That will do it for this episode of Pro Church Daily, but before we go we wanted to tell you about Story Tape. Story Tape is our unlimited stock video platform for churches where we’re offering you unlimited video downloads to help you seize those 167 hours beyond your Sunday service.

We’re talking about Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram. Video content is the best performing content on these social platforms. We did a case study looking at Facebook posts by churches and found that video posts of the identical content and identical promotion out-performed image-based posts and text-based posts with comments by eight times.

Alex Mills: Wow.

Brady Shearer: Post a video, get eight times more comments on average.

Alex Mills: For free.

Brady Shearer: For free. Thank you Facebook. So of course, got to make the videos first and that’s why Story Tape exists. Unlimited stock video downloads. You can get as many videos as you need and for the month of January we’re giving you not just the footage, but the templates to go along with it. Twenty-five in fact proven video templates that we use here at Pro Church Tools every single day.

Some of them are square. Some of them are rectangle so they’re made for social, they’re made for your screen on Sunday mornings. Download them, fill them with footage on a single monthly subscription and it’s crazy affordable compared to buying your own gear or buying stock footage elsewhere. Head to StoryTape.com. Use the coupon code DAILY. You’ll get 10% off your subscription forever and we’ll get you access to those 25 video templates, but only in the month of January. StoryTape.com is the place to do it. Thanks for watching this episode of Pro Church Daily. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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