What's in this session?

  • #1: The pull away
  • #2: The gentle rise
  • #3: The drop
  • #4: The panorama
  • #5: The weave
  • #6: The look-down
  • #7: The follow
  • #8: The approach
  • #9: The reveal
  • #10: The lateral
  • #11: The descent

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The Transcript

Let’s say you’ve got a drone, and you know how powerful it is, but you need a little inspiration on how to best use it to its full potential. Well, in this video, I’m gonna share with you 11 essential drone shots that you’ve gotta try in the air. All that and more in this video. Well, hey there, I’m Brady Shearer from Storytape.com, a cinematic stock footage site that gives you access to unlimited video downloads for one low monthly cost. We publish video production tips and tricks on this channel, so make sure you hit the subscribe button below to get the next video. And if you like this one, make sure you hit the like button as well. Look, before we jump into the 11 essential drone shots that I’m gonna show you, let me just say that flying your UAV safely and legally should be your first prerequisite. Countries are implementing new drone laws all the time, so be aware of what’s allowed and what is not allowed where you live or where you’re traveling, get certified, get insurance, get your license, whatever’s necessary, and be safe. Now the good stuff. Essential drone shot number one, the pull-away. For this shot, set your frame in such a way where you’re purposefully zoomed in a bit on your subject. Hit record and then begin to pull away to reveal the full scene. Essential drone shot number two, the gentle rise. Position your drone’s camera looking directly down. Hover your drone just a bit off the ground. And then, after you hit record, begin to slowly rise up while keeping your camera stationary, and pointed directly down. Essential drone shot number three, the drop. To accomplish this shot, you’ll need to find an element in nature with a steep drop off. Something like a waterfall, or a cliff, or a mountain, or if you can do it legally, an actual building. Start with your drone hovering above the tall object, and then slowly fly over the edge of the steep drop off. This is one of those shots that basically only a drone can accomplish, but it’s spectacular to see when it’s pulled off well. It gets better, let’s keep the ball rolling with essential drone shot number four, the panorama. Essentially, this is the simplest of the drone shots. Get your UAV high up in the air, find a spectacular landscape, hit record, and just begin flying towards it. Essential drone shot number five, the weave. This will likely require a two-person drone operation. One person in charge of the drone, and another in charge of the camera. Hit record and begin weaving your drone through the scene you’ve chosen to capture, allowing your audience to follow you along the journey. And we don’t stop there, essential drone shot number six, the look down. Simply stated, point your drone camera directly down, hit record, and then move in any direction to accomplish this type of shot. Essential drone shot number seven, the follow. To properly shoot the follow, find a subject that you can track. This could be a person running, a car driving, a winding road, or in our case, a babbling brook on a mountainside. Let the winding subject be your flying guide and simply follow its path while recording. Essential drone shot number eight, the approach. Similar to the panorama, but much closer to the ground, the approach makes it feel as though you’re walking through a landscape, hovering gently above the ground. And to really make this shot pop, try to integrate some symmetry, like the way that we had the two mountains on each side of the frame in this clip. As if that’s not enough, essential drone shot number nine, the reveal. This is probably my favorite shot on this entire list. It will likely require a two-person team again, but essentially, you hit record and start your shot with your drone flying forward and your camera looking down. And as the shot continues and the drone continues to fly forward, the camera slowly begins to tilt up and reveal the landscape that’s been partially obscured up until this point. And this works spectacularly well as an establishing shot. Essential drone shot number ten, the lateral. Have your drone face forward to setup this shot, hit record, and then laterally move your drone east or west, left or right, to accomplish this type of shot. And that’s not all, we’ve also got essential drone shot number eleven, the final shot on this list, it’s the descent. Position your drone as high up as you’re allowed, hit record, and then slowly begin descending onto your scene. This also works well as an establishing shot, similar to the reveal from earlier, except in this case, it can work with just a one-man operation. And it gets better because here’s the deal, if you liked the look of the clips we used as examples in this video, you need to know that these clips can be downloaded instantly by you, along with thousands of other clips and used royalty-free in any of your creative projects. It’s all part of a platform we built for you called Storytape. Storytape.com, it’s a stock footage site that gives you unlimited access to thousands of cinematic video clips, shot in 4K ProRes. We add more than a thousand new clips every single month, and like I said, there’s no download limit. Not only that, but all of our clips are shot in groups that we call Scenes. So now you get to be the director and pull from dozens of different clips from the same identical scene, to craft the perfect narrative for your story. And because there’s no download limit, you can always grab the exact number of clips that you need to create the perfect video. Graded, ungraded, your choice. So go to Storytape.com and check out all that we have to offer. Again, that’s Storytape.com, where finally, you can license unlimited video downloads on a single subscription, including every single clip that you saw in this tutorial. Thanks for watching this video and I’ll see you in another one.



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