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  • Bonus Links (0:43)
  • Build Playlists (2:09)
  • Photos Not Graphics (2:55)
  • Convert Listeners to Suscribers (4:21)
  • Post Sermons ASAP (5:01)
  • Unique Page For Every Sermon (5:51)
  • Sermon Engine (6:34)

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Free Bonus: Click here to download The iPhone Church Photography Case Study – learn to shoot stunning photos for your church with only your phone

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Max Thrills: Well, hey there. Welcome to Pro Church Daily, the show where in 10 minutes or less you get a daily dose of tips and tactics to help your church share the message of Jesus while we try and navigate the biggest communication shift we’ve seen in the last 500 years. I’m your host, Max Thrills, joined as always by the boss man, it’s Brady Shearer, and today we’re talking about seven ways to increase your church’s sermon downloads.
Brady Shearer: We want more people to listen and view your church’s sermon beyond Sunday morning. We’ve got seven ways to do that, so let’s dive right in. The first way is a strategy that I’ve titled Bonus Links. There are a number of different locations across different digital entities that are connected to your church that you’re using, where you can inject what I call Bonus Links to point people to your church’s sermons. For instance, in your Twitter bio, you are given a link. Now, I recommend pointing that link to your main website. But what’s cool about the Twitter bio is that you can include additional links in the biography itself. A lot of software companies will do this where they’ll be like … their link, that’s in their Twitter profile will link to their main website, and then they’ll have their status page in their bio.
That way they can have more than one link in their Twitter profile. Similarly, I would encourage your church, put a link to your sermons in your bio. Just say, “Watch or listen to our sermons here:” and then that link.
Max Thrills: Yeah, you could do the same thing with Instagram.
Brady Shearer: Yeah. Exactly. Now, Instagram is only going to give you one link. But you can use a free tool Linktree to expand that one link into multiple links, so when someone clicks on the link in your Instagram bio, maybe the first or second link that you have in the Linktree expansion pivot page is watch/listen to sermons here. Then another advanced way, I do this with my Instagram accounts, is put it in your pastor or every staff members email signature.
Max Thrills: Why not?
Brady Shearer: Think about how many emails you’re sending a day. Now it can say, “Pastor Alex Mills,” then there’s a link, “Listen to our sermons here:” link to your church’s sermons again.
Max Thrills: There you go.
Brady Shearer: Bonus Links. Tip number two, build playlists. YouTube wants you to build playlists. You should do it on YouTube, you should do it on your church’s sermon engine as well, because YouTube knows that playlists contribute to what we call the binge effect.
Max Thrills: Of which I am currently suffering, I suffer hard from binge effect.
Brady Shearer: We all suffer from it. We start one thing, which leads to another, which leads to another and then 10 hours later you’ve been watching Pro Church Daily for three days, whatever it is. Do the same thing with your sermons, cretae playlists for your series, yes. But create playlists for topics, for scriptures, for speakers, for the most popular of each year. So many different ways that you can organize and categorize your sermons within playlists to encourage and contribute to that binge effect.
Max Thrills: Yeah.
Brady Shearer: Strategy number three, use photos instead of graphics. There are numerous case studies that point to photos of human faces driving significant more engagement than photos that don’t include human faces or graphics. For the thumbnail, for that main graphic, everyone of your sermons, I’d recommend not using a graphic itself, use a photo of the person that was speaking in an animated way. If you look at the churches that thrive the most with their sermons online, like Elevation, they do this. They’re not using graphics, they’re using a photo, very animated photo, of the person that was speaking and delivering that message, because we engage with other people. You want, when someone listens or watches your sermon, they’re engaging with another human. But then the thumbnail that you use to represent that isn’t a human, you use some graphic. It’s disconnected and it’s also not as effective. Swap out that graphic for a photo.
Max Thrills: If you’re a smaller church like the church that I pastor and it’s not feasible for you to take photos every Sunday, may mark out four Sundays. Maybe do this a few times a year and just take a bunch of photos that Sunday. Then, before you know it, you’re going to have a catalog of a lot of images. Yeah, a lot of them were from that one day, but you can cycle them around, and move them around. You can reuse those images for that same speaker for all of your different sermon series.
Brady Shearer: It’s called batch producing. We do it for Pro Church Daily, you can do it at your church. Very, very efficient. Number four, convert listeners to subscribers. I dug into the data for Pro Church Daily this morning on the iTunes Analytics app, 93% of Pro Church Daily’s listens in the Apple Store, in Apple Podcasts, come from subscribers. This is the power of getting someone from a casual listener to a subscriber. When someone is subscribed, you’re going to see your downloads increase, because you’re going to be delivering episodes to them automatically.
Within the Nucleus Sermon Egine, at the bottom of every page we have this huge section that says, “Do you like this sermon? Subscribe.” Because we want to convert listeners to subscribers. You should be aiming to do the same thing.
Max Thrills: I love that.
Brady Shearer: Tip number five, post your sermons ASAP. I would recommend posting them on Sunday, or at the very least Monday while it’s still fresh in the mind of your listeners. We found that, with Pro Church Daily, a lot of people listen to Pro Church Daily in their routine. I mean, this is a daily show on week days, maybe you’re driving to the church office, you’re listening to Pro Church Daily, because your commute is 10 minutes or less as is Pro Church Daily. So that pairs nicely together. Similarly, with your message, if you post on the same time every single week, people are going to begin to integrate that within their routine. If you’re posting … delay posting, if you’re not posting consistently the same time, people will not be able to integrate it into their routine, and so they’re not going to listen as consistently, because you’re not being consistent with your publishing, so they can’t stay consistent with their listening. Post ASAP, and post consistently.
Max Thrills: Nice.
Brady Shearer: Tip number six, create a unique page for every sermon. If you want to increase your downloads, you need to show up in Google more. So show up in search engines more frequently by dedicating a unique page on your website, in your sermon engine, to every single sermon and message that you have. We do this with Pro Church Daily.
Max Thrills: We do.
Brady Shearer: And we show up in search so much more, because instead of just letting YouTube index us in search, instead of just letting our podcast index us, which is just one page, so it won’t index, we create a unique page in our website for every single episode of Pro Church Daily. You should do the same thing for your sermons.
Max Thrills: If we can do it every day of the week, you can do it once a week.
Brady Shearer: That’s only facts. Finally, tip number seven is a sermon engine. Stop voluntarily sending people to YouTube, to Vimeo, or any other third party platform that isn’t your website. If you want to keep people listening more, and engaging more, create a platform where it’s easy for them to do that. They’re watching on YouTube, and the next video that gets suggested to them-
Max Thrills: Cat videos.
Brady Shearer: Is some dumb cat video, it’s not your sermon. If they’re on your sermon engine, the next video that’s going to be suggested is the next video in that playlist.
Max Thrills: Yeah, which you’ve curated. You got to dictate which one that is.
Brady Shearer: You’re in charge because it’s your home base. Almost every church does this. They work so hard on their message, they create this amazing 30-minute, 60-minute message to Jesus-
Max Thrills: If you’re a Pentecostal, 120 minutes.
Brady Shearer: 120 minutes. Then they’re like, “Leave our website. Go engage with this content anywhere but our website.” It’d be like if someone came to your church and be like, “Don’t come here. Leave and go engage with our church elsewhere.” [inaudible 00:07:20], “Wait. No, no, stay, you’re already here.”
Max Thrills: I’m here. Yeah.
Brady Shearer: We’ve created the Nucleus Sermon Engine for this exact purpose. It’s 100% free to build for 30 days, no credit card required. We’ve actually put together an amazing bundle called the Essential Sermon Engine Bundle. It includes a free trial to the nucleus sermon engine, but it also includes a number of other free resources in there, 21 ways to increase your sermon downloads, we just talked about seven. There are 14 more included in there. Sermon podcasts, 17 powerful secrets updated for 2018, we’ve got five sermon “Photoshop” templates in there. The anatomy of an optimized sermon page, that’s four different infographics. And then of course, the free trial to the Nucleus Sermon Engine. Its the Essential Sermon Engine Bundle, the best way to increase the downloads for your podcast is to create the Sermon Engine for your sermons.
Head to the link in the show notes to get in touch with that, or you can go directly to NucleusSermonEngine.com.
Max Thrills: Nice.
Brady Shearer: Check it out. That’ll do for this episode of Pro Church Daily, we’ll see you next time.



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