What's in this session?

  • Digital tools become more affordable every year (0:23)
  • #1: Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera V2 (announced for Fall 2018) (2:24)
  • #2: DJI Ronin-S (4:25)
  • #3: Syrp Genie II (6:40)
  • #4: Canon M50 (8:04)
  • #5: DJI Zenmuse X7 Camera (8:38)

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The Transcript

Alex Mills: Well hey there, and welcome to Pro Church Daily, the show where in 10 minutes or less you’ll get your daily dose of tips and tactics to help your church share the message of Jesus while we navigate the biggest communication shift that we’ve seen in the last 500 years. I’m your host Alex Mills. I’m doing this always by the boss man, it’s Brady Sheer and today we’re talking about five new exciting video tools for 2018.

Brady Sheer: Alex, it’s an amazing time to be an individual involved in videography and cinematography. We talk about living through the biggest communication shift in the last 500 years, so much of that has to do with the internet, but tech is also advancing at a very, very fast pace. And that’s great news for us creatives because the technology within camera gear and video gear that used to be exclusively reserved for big budget studios, used to cost tens of thousands of dollars, is now highly affordable. And as we’re going to demonstrate in the five tools we’re gonna be sharing in this episode, ever single year things that were impossible the year before become attainable for us.

Alex Mills: Yeah.

Brady Sheer: I remember when I got my hands on a Panasonic GH2, which had a hack. And I was like, “The amount of bit rate that I’m recording right now …”

Alex Mills: So many bits.

Brady Sheer: The bits. It’s just impossible, and then the next year the GH2 was trash. Let’s throw this in the dumpster because now we have another camera, the first Black Magic Pocket Cinema camera came out.

Alex Mills: Right.

Brady Sheer: In this tiny little thing, now we can shoot raw and pro-res. Raw, raw?

Alex Mills: Yeah.

Brady Sheer: That used to be ten thousand dollars.

Alex Mills: And it’s crazy, a new piece of tech will come out, a new camera will come out, or what have you, and it will boast so many new features that the previous version didn’t, and they seem to be coming out at lower price points. So we’re getting more tech and becoming more affordable, so it’s great for us as creatives and people who are using these products. I wonder when we’re gonna hit that ceiling where the price has to stop getting cheaper and maybe plateau a little bit, but I don’t think we’re quite there yet because every time new tech comes out I’m shocked with how affordable it is.

Brady Sheer: We launched a stock video platform, storytape.com, and we have a drone with a camera that can shoot raw 4K in the air and cameras on the ground, one we’re recording with right now, 4K, raw, on the ground. Those things were not even imaginable a couple of years ago.

Alex Mills: No.

Brady Sheer: Things are getting better in 2018. Let’s dive into the five tools that I’m most excited about in the world of video for this year.

Alex Mills: Yeah.

Brady Sheer: Firstly, the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera Version 2, that shoots 4k. I have been waiting for this camera.

Alex Mills: For so long.

Brady Sheer: And every year NAB comes along and you go, “Maybe this will be the year.”

Alex Mills: Nope.

Brady Sheer: And every year, like the raptors, I am disappointed.

Alex Mills: Not this year.

Brady Sheer: But this year, unlike the raptors Black Magic came through, the Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4K. The original Black Magic pocket camera was a game changer because it shot raw and pro-res, only 180, but in a form factor basically the size of our phone.

Alex Mills: It’s tiny.

Brady Sheer: I remember bringing my Black Magic Pocket Cinema camera on a trip to New York City, and I captured the trip there. We made our pregnancy announcement video, my wife and I. And I remember, it’s such a compact little thing that no one thinks that you’re shooting video with it, and no one thinks you’re shooting that quality of video with it.

Alex Mills: Right.

Brady Sheer: But there were some downsides. As camera continued to advance you’d look at your Black Magic Pocket Cinema camera and you’d think, “Well, it doesn’t shoot 4k. It doesn’t shoot high frame rates,” so no slow-mo ever.

Alex Mills: Right.

Brady Sheer: Which was disappointing. All of those had been solved with the new release, the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k, set to be released, according to Black Magic, and they have missed release dates in the fast. They’re quite notorious for it, but they claim September of 2018.

Alex Mills: Okay.

Brady Sheer: So it’s not available yet. $1300, which is obscenely affordable. It shoots 4k. It shoots 4k, 60 frames per second. It shoots 120 frames per second at 180p, 13 stops of dynamic range. It shoots raw. It shoots pro-res with a micro four thirds sensor, which is bigger than the original pocket camera, which is actually a super 35. Bigger sensor means better in low light, means better dynamic range, better show depth of field, and it also is not shooting with the crummy Black Magic Pocket Cinema camera batteries of old, which were quite horrific, probably the worst part. I’ve had to carry around 18 different batteries. They’d each last about 18 minutes about as much of a drone flight. They’re using better batteries now, so super exciting even though it is … We gotta wait until September.

Alex Mills: And we have ten of them on pre-order, right?

Brady Sheer: Well 18, actually, because we each need 7 of them.

Alex Mills: Perfect.

Brady Sheer: The second tool that is going to pair exceptionally well with the aforementioned Black … Blackett … Black Magic Pocket Cinema camera, too. Man that’s quite a mouthful. The DJI Ronin S, and this began shipping, when we’re recording this, I think just a couple of days ago. I think it’s already sold out because everyone was so excited about this. It’s a single handle three access gimbal, and it’s specifically made for micro four thirds cameras like the BMPCC2 and smaller DSLR cameras.

Alex Mills: GH5 would be perfect.

Brady Sheer: And this isn’t the first single handle three access gimbal that’s come along. Think of it like the DJI Osmo, but instead of coming with a camera already built into the apparatus, you can use your own camera. Again, not the first one to come along, but DJI is always so good with their tech that you know that they’re gonna do it better and because they’re such a big company, can probably offer it for cheaper.

Alex Mills: Yeah.

Brady Sheer: So this comes in right around $700. It’s got a focus wheel for compatible set up, so you can actually pull focus directly from it. It’s got perfect pairing for the Black Magic Pocket Cinema camera. I’m gonna use those two together. What’s great is that the way that the camera sits on this gimbal you can see the screen. So we’re recording this right now with the Black Magic Ursa Mini. When we put that on the Ronin M, or the Ronin original, which is a regular gimbal with two handles, we can never see the screen, so we have to use a monitor.

Alex Mills: Right.

Brady Sheer: The great thing about this set up is that you can see the screen, and it’s not obstructed by the actual gimbal itself, which is exciting.

Alex Mills: This new Ronin S also looks very modular. It looks like there’s gonna be some cool accessories that you can mount to it to build it out to be a bigger rate if you wanted to, but in its basic version it’s all in one. You just throw a camera on it and you’re ready to go. It’s very, very cool.

Brady Sheer: What I’ve always loved about the Ronin is how easy it is to balance. When you get with the heavier camera sets ups it becomes more and more difficult to balance, so I’m excited to basically be able to put a camera, of the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 2, with the same specs of the Ursa Mini, but now we’re in a much more compact set up, which is gonna make travel, and filming, and set up that much more easy.

Alex Mills: And you can put a camera that weighs up to eight pounds on this thing, so it’s great.

Brady Sheer: Exactly, lens and body included.

Video tool number three, the Syrp Genie 2. This is a motion time lapse rig, and essentially what it allows you do is put a little camera on, and it has a three axis tilt, so you can pan left to right. You can tilt up and down, but you can also, on the z axis, turn 160 … Sorry, 360 degrees, and so think of it like a normal motion time lapse rig that you put on a slider, but this one is extremely compact. I’m also a big fan of the Syrp Genie Mini, which is about 250 bucks. It’s not new, the Genie 2 is new, and it’s coming out, I think, in July is the estimated release date.

Alex Mills: Awesome.

Brady Sheer: Again, taking a piece of tech, like a motion time lapse rig and compacting into something much more smaller and easier to travel with, easier to bring with you on your location. That’s always a huge win for us creators.

Alex Mills: And you’d be surprised how much better you can make a time lapse click by just adding a little bit of simple motion, whether it’s panning left to right, or tilting up and down, like you said. You just add a little bit of motion and it just brings that clip to life.

Brady Sheer: Yeah, and maybe you don’t have the room to bring the rails along with you, and maybe you can’t even afford the Genie 2, which is gonna be about $900, but maybe you don’t need all three axis’s to rotate on. The Genie Mini, extremely compact, 250 bucks, and you add that pan, and you’ve got a lot more motion and dynamics within your time lapse.

Alex Mills: Yeah.

Brady Sheer: Tool number four, the Canon M50, which we currently own and love. We’re using it for the Pro Church vlog, prochurchvlog.com, new episodes every weekend. Great auto focus, dual pixel, it’s compact. Colors are great because it’s Canon. IS, this is a camera, micro four thirds, one of the first micro four thirds cameras from Canon. We love it.

Alex Mills: Yep.

Brady Sheer: And we’re gonna continue shooting with it.

Alex Mills: For sure.

Brady Sheer: Was even on sale this week for B&H, normally 900 bucks, was on sale for 700. Depending on where you’re watching this, go check it out, might still be on sale.

Final tool, and this is gear gluttony on my part, it is the DJI Zenmuse X7 camera. This camera is specifically for drones and it is compatible with the DJI Inspire 2, which is the drone we shoot with. It’s the upgrade on the X5S, or X5 camera, which is what we currently have. It has 6k resolution, 14 stops of dynamic range, Apple pro-res raw, which is a brand new Kodak this year, which we could also have added to list. Basically the capacity of raw with the file size of pro-res. Thank you, Lord.

Alex Mills: Everything we’ve ever wanted.

Brady Sheer: You do provide. Thank you for your bounty. DL lenses, $2700 price point, and it available now. I have gone back and forth Alex. This morning I was convinced I was gonna buy it, and then I was like, “Jesus take the wheel.” I don’t need to spend $3000 on a camera that’s only a slight upgrade on what we already have.

Alex Mills: When this camera first came out it was shortly after we got our Inspire 2.

Brady Sheer: Which is, again, how all this works. You will buy this and your camera will be irrelevant in a month or a year.

Alex Mills: Yeah, and when this camera first came out I knew that I was gonna have to play the long game. I knew I couldn’t tell you, “Hey Brad, I know we just bought this other camera, we need to get this right now.” So I’ve actually been praying deep intersession for the last nine months, and it seems like my prayers are just starting to come to fruition, because you’re trending towards the direction of buying this camera, so thanks be to God.

Brady Sheer: And that’ll do it for this episode of Pro Church Daily. We’ll see ya next time.



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