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Alex: Pro Church Daily is brought to you by Storytape, unlimited stock video downloads on a single monthly subscription. Head to Storytape.com and you can browse through every single video clip we have to offer for free.

Well, hey there. Welcome to Pro Church Daily, the show where in 10 minutes or less you’ll et your daily dose of tips and tactics to help your church share the message of Jesus while we navigate the biggest communication shift we’ve seen in the last 500 years. I’m your host Alex Mills and I’m joined, as always, by the boss man, it’s Brady Shearer.

Today we’re talking about the three variables that always determine success.

Brady: If you are dissatisfied or unhappy with anything that’s going on in the life of your church or for that matter your own life, what I always like to do and encourage people to do is identify the three variables that I’m about to share and look at them and really just take inventory honestly, in a self aware way, and say, “Which of these variables could I work on increasing to thus get a step closer to success?” I found in anything that I’ve done, whether it be building this business, growing on social, improving my income, engaging more people at our church, losing weight, developing a habit, building a better marriage, reading the Bible more. I’ve always looked at these three things and just said, “Okay. Which of these three variables am I lacking in and how can I improve it?”

So the first variable is skill. This is the one variable of the three that you probably have the least control over. So I’ll use an example throughout this episode of Pro Church Daily with Lebron James. So Lebron is perhaps the greatest basketball player of all time, if not of all time, of our lifetime. What makes Lebron so great is for one, he has some of the most innate, powerful skill of a basketball player that anyone’s ever seen. Not only is he a freak athlete at 6’8″, 275, which means he can just bully people because he’s so much stronger and bigger than them. He has a crazy vertical leap. He’s 33 years old. He’s in his 15th season. He’s never even had a serious injury. He’s played more minutes than like anyone of all time at his age. Never been injured. What kind of freak is that?

Alex: I know.

Brady: Lebron was born with a certain level of skill that other basketball players could never dream of.

Alex: Right.

Brady: He was given a crazy headstart. So when you begin to assess why is my church not growing, why is our Instagram account not engaging the way that I want it to be, why am I not reaching the fitness goals that I want? Whatever is happening in your church, just ask, “Why is not happening.” Identify the about of skill that you have in that certain area. So if you look at your worship team, you’re like, “Man, why do we not sound like the worship team down the road?” “Why is it that we just aren’t able to meld together as a team? Were just not able to get to the level that I want.” Realistically, ask yourself, “Do we have the level of skill needed?” Then recognize from there that a lot of the time you do not have crazy amount of control over this. Of course, we can all get better at what we do, but in some areas like Lebron, Lebron can work on his game as a basketball player. But he was gifted with things that Alex, Jonas, and I will just never be gifted with.

Alex: Right.

Brady: That’s just how it is. So look at the level of skill you have and realistically, as self aware as you possible can, say, “How good is our church at this? What’s the top level that we can get as a church?” That can be a little bit discouraging, the first variable, skill and knowing that hey, maybe I’m just not that good at this. Maybe our church just isn’t that skilled at this. No matter how hard we work, we’re only ever going to get to this level. But the nice thing about the other two variables is that they are completely in your control.

Alex: Yes.

Brady: I’ve alluded to the second one a little bit. Second one is hard work.

Alex: Right.

Brady: Lebron James, gifted unlike any basketball player of his lifetime. Also, works harder at his game, works harder at understanding basketball than maybe any player in his draft class in our generation. It’s one thing to be skilled. It’s another thing to work hard. The great thing is that when you have both of those things, that’s when magic really starts to happen. Ask yourself are you working at this as hard as you could? Are you actually hustling or are you just #hustle, saying that you are? Does your church actually dedicate the time to use that worship analogy? Maybe you don’t have the best musicians on the stage, but how often do you practice? Are you doing run throughs before every service begins? Do you have commitment from the players on the team, from the singers on the team to actually work at your craft? Maybe you don’t have the best musicians and the best singers and the most charismatic leader who just flows in the spirit or whatever you want to do to quantify what you may or may not have. But with that as an aside, how hard are you actually working at this?

If you’re looking at your church’s Facebook, if you’re looking at your church’s online presence and saying, “Man, why are we just not seeing the growth that we want?” Well, you only post once a week. Work harder. Post every day. Post multiple times a day.

That leads to the third variable because it’s one thing to have skill, it’s another to have the hard work and the hustle. If you can have the third variable, this is where I think and I found you can accomplish pretty much anything you want. That is patience. Anything that you want in life, anything that you want your church to accomplish is going to take a crap ton longer than you’d like to admit.

Alex: Right.

Brady: We have been building two products within Pro Church Tools over the last 18 months. Nucleus and Storytape. Let me tell you a little story about Nucleus. We launched Nucleus in April of 2017. It took eight months and a ton of money and a ton of work hard and patience to get to that point. We launched. We were open for seven days for registrations. In that seven days, a miracle happened. A thousand churches signed up for Nucleus. It was amazing. The thing about a thousand churches signing up in one week is that a thousand people looked at the thing that we had been building for eight months and said, “Here are the 30 dozen missing features that you need to develop.” We shut down registrations for Nucleus, and at that point had been in a private beta and will have been in a private beta for 11 months before you re-opened Nucleus again to the public in March. We’re almost there. It’s been 18 months of building behind the scenes, spending money, working tirelessly. Many people on the project listening to feedback, listening to criticism, using that feedback, getting better. It’s a long time.

Alex: Yeah.

Brady: 18 months. More than $1 million spent. Then finally we’re going to get to where we want it to be. If you had told Brady in September of 2016 on the flight to Atlanta where he first had the idea for Nucleus, you leaned over and you said, “That’s a great idea, Brady. It’s going to take 18 months and $1 million before it’s actually open to the world.”

Alex: Yeah.

Brady: I would have said, “Nope. See you.” Because it just would have been to daunting. If you would have leaned over to me and said, “Hey, you know like you want to get into crazy good shape. 12% body fat to be precise. It’ll take four years, countless midnight trips to Taco Bell. Alex is going to make fun of you every step of the way. He’s going to call you out. His wife is going to shame you.” I would’ve said, “Nope. Not about it.” I would’ve depressed eat OMGs.

Alex: Yes, you would have.

Brady: And just all the candy because I would have just been too sad. I would have just stress eaten everything.

Alex: Yes.

Brady: Everything you want in life, anything that you want that’s good and just amazing is going to take way longer than you expect. If you can put these three things together though, skill, recognize what is our church actually good at? Maybe we’re not going to be world class when it comes to worship music, but there’s something that you as a church are gifted at that you’re gifted at more than most. What is that you can really dial into? Be self aware. Take inventory of everything that you do. What do we naturally excel at? Me, naturally, I like to talk. I sit down with my wife and I’ll be like, “Let’s talk this problem out. I know if we talk it out, I’m going to feel better about it.” She’s like, “Let’s not talk it out. I think we’re fine.” I like to talk. I have seen that as a skill and I have fostered it and become better at it, but I was actually pretty good at it to begin with.

Then the second thing, hard work. I was up at five a.m. this morning writing articles for the Nucleus blog. I’ve done that every day this week. Alongside recording a ton of Pro Church Daily because we’re about to go on a trip. So much going on. Five a.m. How bad do I really want it? Am I willing to wake up, put int he hard work, and the go to the gym because I got too many goals because I’m crazy ambitious because I’m a one on the indium gram and nothing’s ever good enough.

Alex: Right.

Brady: Then three, when there is a set back because there will be a setback, when you think it was going to take three months but it take three years, when you think it was going to be overnight success but actually it’s going to take months and months and month of hard work and no one’s going to see it and no one’s going to acknowledge it, are you wiling to be patient day in, day out? There’s a reason people set New Year’s Resolutions and then don’t see them through after the first three weeks in January because we get all excited about the results, and then a week into it, when we’re actually doing the work, we’re like, “Man, this is way too tough,” and we give up.

Put those there variables together. Skill, hard work, and patience. The three variables that ultimately determine success in anything, you can see amazing things.

That’ll do it for today’s episode of Pro Church Daily, but, as always, we’re giving away a ton of great stuff. We’ve been talking about this throughout the month of February. We are doing giveaways to churches in the month of February. @BradyShearer on Instagram is where all these giveaways are being taken place. @BradyShearer on Instagram. Make sure you follow that account. You’ll be eligible for all the giveaways.

Thanks for watching today’s episode of Pro Church Daily. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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