10 Influential Christian Leaders To Follow On Instagram

We're currently in the middle of a new wave of social media. Less polish. Less glamor. More real life. Instagram stories is great for this. Here are 10 examples of Christian leaders who are doing it well.

June 1st, 2017

Here’s the single biggest piece of advice I can ever to give to a pastor or a church leader…Spend less time, money, and resources on your weekly 1-hour church service. Spend more time, money, and resources on the other 167 hours in your week.

In other words: #seizethe167

One of the ways you can do this is through Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories is personal, it’s raw, it’s uncut, and it’s behind the scenes.

It’s one thing to TELL me what to do from a pulpit or blog post each week. It’s another thing to SHOW me that you’re living it out yourself every single day.

Here’s the good news: Instagram Stories is the absolute BEST place to invest your time on social media right now. It isn’t overcrowded, it’s free, and it’s wildly popular.

I’m personally getting about twice as many views on my Instagram Stories each day (with ~6,000 followers), than I am on my YouTube channel (with ~13,000 subscribers).

With that being said, I want to highlight 10 of the most influential church leaders that I know using Instagram Stories frequently. So if you’re unsure of how to use the platform best, just follow the lead of these pioneers.

1. Carey Nieuwhof

Just in case you’re thinking Instagram Stories is only for the young guns, I want to start this list with a pastor who is a bit older than 25 years old. How old? Well, Carey and my dad went to high school together (yes, all Canadians know each other).

Seriously though, the utmost of props goes to Carey for dominating Instagram Stories.

Follow Carey Nieuwhof on Instagram -> @careynieuwhof


2. Steven Furtick

Unlike most on this list, Steven Furtick doesn’t use Instagram Stories very often to share behind-the-scenes content (though it does show up sparingly). Instead, Furtick and his team create exclusive content for Instagram Stories using their massive archive of video material. Very cool.

Follow Steven Furtick on Instagram -> @stevenfurtick


3. Christine Caine

It’s a shame Christine Caine isn’t yet verified on Instagram (seriously, what’s that about?). I do appreciate her humor though.

Follow Christine Caine on Instagram -> @christinecaine


4. Levi Lukso

As a young husband and father, I can’t get enough pastoring in these areas of my life. Seeing pastors active in the daily lives of their families – not just preaching in front of thousands – doing the simple stuff like taking their kids out to ice cream at the end of a long day speaks volumes to me.

Follow Levi Lusko on Instagram -> @levilusko


5. Louie Giglio

Again, don’t get this misconstrued…just because you’re over 40 doesn’t mean Instagram Stories isn’t for you. Something as simple as sitting back and watching the game counts as valuable Instagram Stories content. Don’t be afraid to share the simple stuff.

Follow Louie Giglio on Instagram -> @louiegiglio


6. Rich Wilkerson Jr.

If you’re a church planter like Rich, Instagram Stories is most definitely the platform for you. Show the behind-the-scenes. The grit. The grind. The determination. Oh, and also the long weekend boat rides with your crew.

Follow Rich Wilkerson Jr. on Instagram -> @richwilkersonjr


7. Carlos Whittaker

Carlos is perhaps the best Instagrammer on this list at sharing family stories. I’ve only spoken with Carlos one-on-one for about an hour on a podcast, but the daily effort he puts into his Instagram Stories makes it feel as though I know him and his family personally – and that’s a bond that can’t be made on most social platforms.

Follow Carlos Whittaker on Instagram -> @loswhit


8. Chad Veach

The caption on the screenshot below says it all. Instagram Stories is about sharing the real, behind the scenes stuff. It’s not about the glamor. It’s about the more important stuff.

Follow Chad Veach on Instagram -> @chadcveach


9. Jarrid Wilson

You’re not interesting enough for Instagram Stories? As I write this, Jarrid Wilson’s entire Instagram Story is him walking his dog. And you know what? I freaking love it. Remember, it’s about the simple stuff. No need to overthink it.

Follow Jarrid Wilson on Instagram -> @jarridwilson


10. Brady Shearer

It’s probably uncool to put myself on this list, but hey, at least I put myself last right?

Follow me, Brady Shearer, on Instagram -> @bradyshearer



Social media is evolving. And we’re currently in the middle of a new wave of social media. Less polish. Less glamor. More real life. Jump on it, you’re gonna love it.

Are you using Instagram Stories? Post your handle in the comments below so others can follow you!