11 Ways To Create A First Impression That Sticks with Adam McLaughlin (PCP123)

When a guest is visiting your church, first impressions are everything!

Much in the same way as your church website, if your guest has a bad first impression, they are likely to click away or in this case, walk away and never come back.

Adam McLaughlin joins us to share 11 ways to create a first impression that sticks. We talk about the 7-Minute Rule and go through the 11 ways to create that very important first impression with guests. Are you ready? I’m Ready! Click that play button and let’s get started!


The 3 Steps Of Uncovering Your Calling with Ken Costa (PCP122)

Our calling, what are we suppose to do in life? Ministry? Trades? Finance? How best can I be used for God’s kingdom in this world?

Ken Costa helps us to uncover this very difficult question and brings to light the difference between a “calling” and a “cause.” If your ready then hit that play button and uncover your calling!


How To Plan An Epic Live Event with Justin Dean & Van Baird (PCP121)

Easter, Christmas & Church Conferences, all these events and many more usually involve big events within church and our communities but how do we go about planning these events successfully?

Justin Dean & Van Baird join us to give some great tips about the logistical details of planning a live event that nobody thinks about & finding the perfect venue for your live event.

Are you ready to plan a church event for your church?!


Leading with Irrational Generosity with Kyle Kutter (PCP120)

Kyle Kutter joins us to discuss one of the primary necessities for being a leader…Generosity! We talk about putting restrictions on yourself to foster innovation & leading your team with the church’s grand vision in mind.

Are you ready to get humble, get personal & take a deep introspective look at your current leadership ability? Then lets get started!


5 Ways To Follow Up With New Visitors with Tyler Smith (PCP116)

Tyler Smith joins us today to discuss how we should be following up with new visitors to church. We talk about 3 big follow up mistakes churches are making & the best day of the week to follow up with a new visitor.

Ready to learn some important follow-up skills that will help your church visitors feel more loved and appreciated? Then lets get started!


4 Unique Ways To Use Layer Blending Modes in Photoshop

Have you ever heard of blend modes or layer blending modes in Adobe Photoshop?

Basically blend modes are adjustments you can make to any layer that allow it to blend or mix with the layers beneath it. With blend modes you can create some incredibly cool effects and quick edits for your photos and designs without much work.

Here’s an example of a light leak I created with some adjustment layers and the use of blend modes.